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Our vision is to be one of the most sustainable destinations in the Alps and one of the three most sought-after holiday regions in Switzerland. Sustainability is a way of life at Arosa Tourism. Ecological, social and economic aspects are given equal consideration. We take responsibility and are committed to creating a holiday destination that is fit for grandchildren.

Our Promises

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Our vision, values and Arosa 2030

Arosa is not leaving the future to chance. With Arosa 2030, the holistic destination strategy, the chosen path of sustainability is being consistently pursued with the aim of once again becoming a tourism pioneer in the Alpine region. In this context, sustainability means conscious use of available resources and a simultaneous focus on ecological, economic and social aspects - so that future generations also have the necessary resources at their disposal and can experience the impressive diversity of nature.

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Our commitment

Together for a sustainable future.

We are delighted to be moving Arosa towards becoming a destination fit for grandchildren. And we are grateful that we can rely on the expertise of our partners in the area of sustainability.


We are part of the sustainability program Swisstainable and classified at Level II – engaged. The sustainability program Swisstainable unites businesses and organizations along the entire Swiss tourism sector. With our participation, we commit ourselves to continuous sustainable business development, pursue measures in the field of sustainability and thus make a concrete contribution to a sustainable Swiss tourism.


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In Arosa, we talk about four-dimensional sustainability. This encompasses the areas of nature, economy, society and management. Within the four dimensions, priorities have been set that are being worked towards in a targeted manner.



Arosa is organised in such a way that a 200-watt society is possible. In the areas of construction, energy and mobility, the CO2 emissions criterion is just as important as the CHF costs
In Arosa, energy is used with maximum efficiency and renewable energies are always favoured. Arosa organises its energy self-sufficiently as far as possible.
Public transport is prioritised in Arosa. Public transport connections are available within 500 metres of settlements or tourist attractions (in the centre of Arosa).

 Promise: 2 and 5


Arosa Tourism is calculating a comprehensive climate footprint of a tourism destination for the first time in the "KlimDest" project. The aim is to use the exact footprint to develop targeted measures to avoid, reduce and compensate for the unavoidable remainder in order to ultimately achieve net zero.

What does net zero mean? Net zero means that by 2050 at the latest, Switzerland will not emit more greenhouse gases than natural and technical reservoirs can absorb.


Arosa designs areas and facilities in an ecosystem-friendly way and prioritises biodiversity.
 Promises: 4, 5 and 7

My village my garden

During the summer months, you will find raised beds at various locations in Arosa. Potatoes, vegetables and herbs are planted in them. Locals and visitors alike can help themselves when they discover something ripe for harvesting.

Partnership with Ricola

Who invented Ricola and how do the herbs actually end up in the sweets? Ricola attaches great importance to quality. That's why the herbs are grown in the Swiss mountains according to natural principles. Discover the variety of herbs on the Ricola adventure trail or explore the Ricola exhibition in the Arosa Nature Laboratory.

Partnership Alpine Garden Arosa

Did you know that there are around 500 vascular plants to discover in the Arosa Alpine Garden? Immerse yourself in the world of plants during the summer season.


Arosa utilises its resources conscientiously and is developing a circular economy. Avoiding waste is the central criterion in all processes. Where waste is nevertheless produced, it is optimally returned to the cycle.

Promises: 2, 5 and 7

CleanUp Day Arosa

Arosa Tourism and the Valsana Hotel invite all service providers to an Arosa Clean Up Day. This way, the entire village can be cleaned and is ready for the summer season.



Living where others go on holiday is a privilege that benefits the locals. Those who work in Arosa can afford to live and enjoy the benefits. Quality of tourism. The quality of life of the locals ensures and promotes success in tourism.

Promise: 3, 4 and 6

Happiness index

The aim is to evaluate an initial happiness index for employees by 2025. Based on the results, an increase should be evident by 2030.


Arosa respects, promotes and develops the architectural heritage, the region-specific culture and its traditions, thereby strengthening regional identities in the destination. The economy, progress and innovation are part of Arosa's culture and are linked to its (architectural) cultural heritage.

Promises: 1, 4, 5 and 6

Cultural centre

The Arosa-Schanfigg Cultural Centre is based in the Kulturhuus Langwies. The task of the Arosa-Schanfigg Cultural Centre is to network the players in the fields of culture and tourism in the region.


Accessibility, equal treatment/diversity and equal opportunities are important principles that are practised and upheld by all stakeholders. Holidays and work in Arosa are possible for everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age or any disability or restriction.
Promises: 1, 4, 5 and 6

Together for a sustainable and inclusive Arosa

Arosa Tourism and MountOn have entered into a pioneering partnership to make Arosa the first fully inclusive destination in Switzerland. The collaboration aims to break down barriers and facilitate access to leisure activities for all.

About MountON

MountOn is a young company from Lucerne that has set itself the task of making Switzerland's leisure activities accessible to everyone. With its know-how and technical expertise, the company supports tourism stakeholders.

Good day

A day in the mountains of Arosa was made possible for the residents of the Bahnhöfli asylum and transit centre in Trimmis. On Saturday, 6 May 2023, Arosa Tourism, Arosa Bärenland and there-for-you invited everyone on a joint excursion. The day started with the Rhaetian Railway from Chur to Arosa. The special guided tour for the group and the sponsored pick-nick from Coop were the highlight of the day.



Tourism enables people to live and work in Arosa. Economic decisions are focussed on value creation for the municipality of Arosa. Regionally produced products are favoured. Producers and buyers work together in partnership, taking into account economic and market economy principles.
Promises: 1, 2, 3 and 6

"My Climate"

My Climate "Cause We Care" is the initiative for climate protection and sustainable tourism in Switzerland. With every booking, you have the opportunity to voluntarily take responsibility and actively support the protection of our nature and environment. As a thank you, Arosa Tourism will double your contribution to climate protection. The joint commitment to environmental and climate protection has a double effect: locally and globally for a sustainable enjoyment of our nature.

Your commitment is already helping:

The "Water Purification PoA Uganda" project, which provides poorer households and institutions such as schools in Uganda with new technologies for drinking water purification.
In Arosa, the switch to LED lighting and more efficient ice cleaning in the sports and congress centre have been supported. This resulted in electricity savings of around 20%.



In the tourism community of Arosa, people are the greatest asset - both the guests and the population, who are always primarily the hosts. The well-being, health and economic security of the population are the basis for high-quality work. Arosa residents are involved in the system in a participatory manner and are motivated to do their best for the destination.

Promises: 1, 2, 3 and 6

Organic garden Schanfigg

One example from the Schanfigg valley is the organic garden. Most of the vegetables are sold unpackaged to restaurants in the valley or directly to customers from the garden. Bio Garten Schanfigg is also ecologically aware when it comes to production. Sowing, tending, harvesting, drying and processing are mainly done by hand.

Sonnenrüti farm butchery, Langwies

The Sprecher family from Langwies runs a farm with suckler cows. The special thing about their approach is that the organic Natura-Beef cattle and cows are slaughtered and processed directly on the farm. This has the advantage that the animals are spared an hour's journey to the nearest abattoir. In addition, the family maintains personal relationships with each customer. In Arosa, various restaurants offer high-quality Natura-Beef from their farm.



Strategic and operational decisions in Arosa are made on the basis of sustainability aspects. Knowledge is a prerequisite for this. This knowledge is available to everyone. Networking with experts takes place via training and information events as well as consultations.
Promises: 1, 2, 5 and 6

Sharing knowledge

The transfer of knowledge in the area of sustainability is essential. For this reason, Arosa Tourism promotes cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Graubünden (FHGR), the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) and the Advanced Technical College for Tourism & Outdoor (IST).

Arosa Tourism is currently supervising the following student research projects:

Employee recruitment & retention in times of skills shortages in mountain destinations (Bachelor's thesis, FH GR)
Guests as allies (Master's thesis, HSLU)
Which target group has the greatest potential to switch from motorised private transport to public transport when travelling to Arosa? (Bachelor thesis, HSLU)
Influence of communication on the willingness to use public transport in the tourist region of Arosa (Bachelor thesis, HSLU)
Circular economy in the destination of Arosa (Master's thesis, FH GR)
Accessibility in tourism (Diploma thesis, IST)


Sustainability is always an issue in Arosa. The reference to sustainability is shown transparently in all offers. We report on what is good, where the opportunities lie and what needs to be optimised. An annual sustainability report shows the development in Arosa.

Promises: 1,2,3 and 6


Discover the wide range of programmes offered by the Arosa Academy. The aim of the programmes is to pass on sustainable knowledge in an attractive way.


Sustainable experiences

Pleasurable consumption without sacrifice, with responsibility and a clear conscience.

Arosa is a paradise for nature lovers and is home to a diverse flora and fauna. In addition to the colourful flora and fauna, the local tradition is cultivated and great importance is attached to regionality. Arosa takes you on a marvellous journey through our most precious asset. Here we show you how you can make your holiday sustainable from A to Z. Let us inspire you.

viadukt2_fotohomberger.jpg | © Foto Homberger

Sustainable travelling

Your sustainable holiday starts with your arrival. You can reach Arosa in a relaxed manner by public transport. A cosy and scenic journey through the Schanfigg awaits you, without stress and hectic. Benefit from the convenient SBB luggage service and attractive RailAway combined offers. Public transport is included when you purchase a snow sports pass. Incidentally, the RhB has been running on hydroelectric power on the Chur-Arosa line since it was built in 1912-14.

If you are travelling with an electric car, you will find numerous charging stations in Arosa. The local bus in Arosa also takes you comfortably from A to B in the village. 

Arosa Bergbahnen is committed to actively reducing CO2 emissions and increasing energy efficiency. In addition, the entire energy requirement is covered by renewable energy from local hydropower. (EnAW certificate & ArosaEnergie certificate)

More information

Sustainable discovery

Throughout the year, a wide range of sustainable programmes can be found on the ArosaAkademie platform. The aim of the ArosaAkademie is to impart broad, holistic knowledge in order to increase awareness and action for a sustainable future. Browse through the main subject areas of People & Animals, Art & Culture, Economy & Sustainability and Nature & Environment to find the right programme for you.

The Arosa Bear Sanctuary, where animal protection and innovative tourism are combined, is particularly worth a visit in summer. Here you can observe the bears that have been rescued from difficult circumstances.

Many experiences in Arosa can also be enjoyed by people with restricted mobility. Here you will find all the information you need for a barrier-free holiday. 

In winter, you can benefit from the Ski School Inclusive or Winterdays offers, which contribute to the preservation of snow sports for the next generation and to the sustainable development of Arosa.

Would you like to book a sustainable holiday experience as a group? Be inspired by our MACHhaltigkeits-Experiences and actively help.


Sustainable businesses in Arosa

Do you prefer environmentally conscious accommodation or do you fancy a sustainable, regional restaurant visit? The following businesses and companies are setting a good example and are committed to the sustainable development of Arosa.

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Valsana Hotel Arosa

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Restaurant Twist, Valsana Hotel Arosa

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Tschuggen Grand Hotel*****

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Güterschuppen Arosa

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Hotel Garni Sonnenhalde Arosa

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Cindy's delicecies & gifts

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Arosa Bergbahnen AG: Verkaufsstelle Hörnli Express

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