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Arosa Bear Sanctuary in November

The Arosa Bear Sanctuary is an experience for young and old

The Arosa Bear Sanctuary provides a species-appropriate home for bears rescued from poor housing conditions. From the visitor platform and the adventure path, Meimo and Amelia can be observed in their species-appropriate habitat.

AROSA Bear Sanctuary in November

Opening hours
The Arosa Bear Sanctuary is open on Wednesday as well on weekends from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

The 360° panorama restaurant Weisshorngipfel is open (only on weekends). The Brüggerstuba near the middle station remains closed. You will find further restaurants in the Prätschli region, Innerarosa or in the village. 

 Tickets are sold at the local sales points and in our onlineshop.

Mountain railway operation Arosa-Weisshorn aerial cableway
The Arosa-Weisshorn aerial cableway is open on weekends during the November High (9.00 am - 4.20 pm). From Monday to Friday there is no railway operation with the Arosa-Weisshorn aerial cableway.

Arosa Bear Sanctuary