Barrier-free Arosa

Wheelchair accessible infrastructure and activities in Arosa

Arosa offers all handicapped guests relaxing holidays. The destination provides numerous hotels, restaurants, wellness areas and hiking trails that are accessible by wheelchair. Even plenty of activities are possible in spite of physical disabilities. We are happy to arrange a JST Multidrive Wheelchair to all handicapped guests to ensure a pleasurable mountain experience for all our guests!

Arrival with the Rhaetian Railway and public transport

Travelling for handicapped guests is easy with the Rhaetian Railway. Boarding and embarking assistance can be booked up until 24h prior to the start of the trip. More info under

Once you arrive in Arosa, accessibility to public transport will not be an issue either. The local Arosa Bus happily transports our guests from A to B and we gladly assist with your needs.

And if you require a taxi, the Alpin Taxi (+41 81 377 35 35) has cars with large boots that can fit a wheelchair. 

Barrier-free holidays in Arosa

People with restricted physical movement often encounter physical limitations when going on holiday: narrow bathrooms, staircases without elevators, doorsteps, low beds…these constraints make a stay in a hotel difficult, if not impossible. In order to also cater to handicapped people it is necessary to offer a barrier-free infrastructure. The following hotels are committed to make their stay as pleasant as possible:

  • BelArosa Hotel: Some rooms are wheelchair accessible and therefore barrier-free, however, bathrooms are not made to access via wheelchair. Please contact the hotel directly to ask for a suitable room.
  • Tschuggen Grand Hotel: The hotel provides barrier-free rooms (double bed with extra length) with a wheelchair accessible bath room (spacious rain shower).

  • Valsana Hotel & Appartements: The Valsana offers two barrier-free rooms which are equipped for disabled people.  

  • Waldhotel Arosa: Besides a barrier-free entrance the hotel also provides barrier-free seminar rooms and the Chesa Silva offers a wheelchair accessible room and bathroom.

  • Alterszentrum Arosa: The nursing home offers disabled people a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Their barrier-free holiday offer aims at handicapped guests and their accompanying person. Enjoy the diverse holiday activities according to your needs and wishes and always rely on professional assistance by the nursing home. The bright and modern rooms are all barrier-free and equipped with nursing beds. The spacious bathroom (shower/WC) is wheelchair accessible and offers accessible sinks, hinged handles and shower stools.

Barrier-free restaurants in Arosa

Also our restaurants make an effort to provide an enjoyable experience:

Hotels / Restaurants with barrier-free toilet facilities

Location: Weisshorngipfel
Phone: +41 81 378 84 02

Location: Alteinstrasse
Phone: +41 81 378 85 85

Location: Alteinstrasse
Phone: +41 81 378 86 86
Comment: Entrance one step, toilet on 1st floor

Location: Seeblickstrasse
Phone: +41 81 378 80 00
Comment: Entrance via Strumpf Bar

Location: Eichhörnliweg 1
Phone: +41 81 378 89 99

Location: Mittelstation Weisshorn
Phone: +41 81 378 84 25

Location: Poststrasse
Phone: +41 81 378 68 68

Location: Bahnhofplatz
Phone: +41 81 544 79 45

Location: Unterseeplatz
Phone: +41 81 377 18 93
Comment: self-service in summer

Location: Seewaldstrasse 12
Phone: +41 81 378 77 77
Comment: Toilet on 1st floor

Location: Tschuggentorweg 1
Phone: +41 81 378 99 99
Comment: Toilet on 2nd floor, access with elevator / entrance at ground level

Location: Oberseepromenade 2
Phone: +41 81 378 63 63

Location: Prätschlistrasse 38
Phone: +41 81 378 55 55

Public barrier-free toilet facilities

Location: Alteinstrasse
Phone: +41 81 378 85 85

Location: Seeblickstrasse 29
Phone: +41 81 378 84 25
Comment: Valley, middle and top station Arosa-Weisshorn

Location: Poststrasse
Phone: +41 81 377 07 33

Location: Oberseepromenade
Phone: +41 81 377 07 33

Location: Sports- and Conference Centre
Phone: +41 81 378 70 20
Comment: at the ice rink

Location: Unterseeplatz
Phone: +41 81 377 18 93

Location: Oberseepromenade 2
Phone: +41 81 378 63 63

The JST Mountain Drive – the ideal companion for independent excursions

The unique JST Mountain Drive wheelchair has specifically been developed to navigate mountain hiking trails, cobblestones, gravel and natural steps. The wheelchair is easily manoeuvrable in uneven terrain thanks to its well-designed chassis and electrical engine. The rear double wheel prevents the chair from sinking in soft grounds. In addition, it provides flexibility and stability in cruising mode. The unique design and technology allow the chair to climb a gradient of up to 32% in forward motion.

The JST wheelchair (measurements 130x78x78 cm) features a joystick with LED-display, an electrically adjustable foot rest and arm rest, an automatic breaking system and a shoulder belt. Please not that the JST Mountain Drive is not recommended for winter paths.

Rollstuhl-6.jpg | © Alterszentrum Arosa

Where can you rent the wheelchair?

There are two wheelchairs for rent at the Arosa Lift company (located at the Arosa-Weisshorn middle station). Kindly pick-up and drop-off the wheelchair at the middle station only.

Rental fee: CHF 30.- / day
The wheelchairs must be pre-booked under T +41 81 378 84 84

Contact: Arosa Lift company
Phone: +41 81 378 84 84

(only available in Summer)


Arosa Lift company

Operating Hours:
13 June – 25 October 2020
Daily: 8:45am – 5:00pm

Arosa bear Sanctuary

Operating Hours:
13 June – 25 October 2020
Daily: 9.00am - 5.40pm

Offers and Activities in Arosa

Browse our diverse offers of activities. We are aware that each traveller has individual needs. Therefore, we provide as much information as we can, so that you are free to select the type of activity that suits you best for the time of your convenience.

tschuggen_bergoase_innen.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli


Many Arosa hotels offer the possibility to relax in one of their wellness areas after an exciting day in the mountains. For instance:

Valsana: The spa area (including swimming pool) provides barrier-free access, including an elevator and toilet facilities for the needs of disabled people. All public facilities, such as the restaurant and spa are easily accessible by wheelchair for hotel and external guests.

Tschuggen: The mountain oasis spa features an elevator that brings guests to the swimming pool level. The swimming pool also features an elevator.

Rollstuhl-mit-Familie.jpg | © Alterszentrum Arosa

Suitable Hiking Trails

  • Arlenwald forest: The tarred road starts at the Arosa-Weisshorn resort lift middle station (LAW) and descends by about 100m in altitude difference to Prätschli.
  • Prätschli-Rot Tritt: This trail is initially tarred and transitions to a wide forest road. 100m altitude difference.
  • Middle Station LAW-Carmenna hut: easily manoeuvrable gravel road. 120m altitude difference.
  • Squirrel Trail: This forest trail starts at Hof Maran and ends at the Obersee lake. 130m altitude difference.
  • Innerarosa-Schwellisee lake: start at the outdoor parking area of the Alpenblick restaurant or at the indoor parking garage Brüggli (barrier-free parking). The gravel hiking trail leads to the Schwellisee lake.
  • Obersee lake: This is a flat round-trip around the Obersee lake. Start at the Arosa train station.
  • Reservoir Lake dam: This flat forest trail around half of the dam provides beautiful views of the Isel.
Flyer with overview of distance and difference in altitude
Amelia und Meimo im Arosa Bärenland | © Stiftung Arosa Bären / VIER PFOTEN

Arosa Bear Sanctuary

The Arosa Bear Sanctuary has lots to offer and is an adventure for young and old. The centre of attention are the first three residents of our sanctuary: Napa, Meimo and Amelia. Learn more about the background of the three bears from Serbia and Albania and many more fun bear facts while observing the furry creatures from the visitor’s platform.

The platform is located adjacent to the Arosa-Weisshorn resort lift middle station and is accessible by wheelchair.

Website Arosa Bear Sanctuary

Events in Arosa

Arosa has the pleasure to be the host of a number of Top Events. A lot is happening in Arosa in the winter as well as in the summer season. A variety of performances delight the audience on the mountain, in the village and on the lake. You decide which event is for you. The following list provides barrier-free locations where events are being held. Pick your event and location according to your needs.

  • Village church (for events organised by Arosa Kultur)
  • Arosa-Weisshorn resort lift middle station and Weisshorn peak
  • Sports and Conference Centre (events such as the Nissen Cup, Medical Conference, the Dialect Festival, numerous ice hockey games and many more)

There must be an event for everyone.

Tips for a day trip in Arosa in the summer

The endurance one

What a better way to start the day than to take a breath of fresh mountain air and let the sun tickle your skin. Let’s go! Take the blue Arosa-Weisshorn gondola from the bottom station and reach the peak in 20 minutes. Enjoy the breath-taking view from the barrier-free 360° panoramic restaurant Weisshorngipfel. If you feel like some more fresh air, follow the Arlenwald trail from the Weisshorn middle station to Maran. At Maran take the turn to the Squirrel Trail and have fun with the little cheeky rascals who love to steal nuts from the palm of your hands. Following the outdoor activity, relax at one of the wellness offers in the Arosa hotels, such as the hotel Altein with its stylish saline bath (hot salt water pool) and saunas. Do not forget to look up and admire the starry skies after a tasty dinner at the Arosa Nursing Home, before a good night’s sleep. Another exciting day will await tomorrow.

The Support Team

The following organisations provide important support for the development of a barrier-free accessibility offer, including the co-financing of the two JST chairs. These organisations are key to barrier-free holidays in Arosa.

The Cerebral Foundation

The aim of the foundation is the early detection, support, education, nursing and social care of people residing in Switzerland with cerebral movement disabilities, spina bifida or muscular dystrophy.

Alterszentrum Arosa

The Arosa Nursing Home offers elderly people in need of care a home with an atmosphere of trust amidst the beautiful mountain scenery of the Grisons.

The municipality of Arosa

The municipality actively supports the development of barrier-free infrastructure and other projects.

Arosa Bergbahnen AG

The Arosa lift company is trying hard to create barrier-free accessibility. In addition, the company is in charge of the rental of the two JST chairs.

Arosa Tourism

Arosa Tourism is in charge of the communication and information about the barrier-free accessibility project in Arosa.

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