Arosa Bear Gang

Hello children! There is always something happening at the Bärenbande

In winter, the KiTa Sunnastrahl or the children's program of the ski schools replace the Bear Gang program. The Sunnastrahl children's daycare centre is located directly in the premises of the Innerarosa ski school centre and takes care of children from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Are you curious on how the Bärenbande looks like?

Please find below more information about the five-bear gang.


He wears a yellow shirt with a logo of Arosa and VIER PFOTEN on the back. He is the main mascot of Arosa.

Characteristics: He is big, strong and patient. Jöri has been suffering a lot and he therefore strongly stands up for nature and animals.

Particularity: He wants to help others the way others have helped him. With his calmness and intelligence he stands up for others. His enormous strength is of course also very helpful – but he usually scores with his smartness and knowledge.


He wears black pants and a cool black hat. He is the best skier of all and symbolises the black ski runs.

Characteristics: He is very fast and is thus immediately on site in case someone needs help.

Particularity: When there is a difficult task he is completely focused and does not give up until he finds a solution.


She wears red pants, a red scarf and a red headband. She symbolises the red ski runs.

Characteristics: She is top fit and very sporty. Moreover, she is very curious and wants to try out everything.

Particularity: Her recipes for treats made of honey (in connection with the Honey Land in Prätschli), berries (hopefully we will soon be able to open the Berry Land at Kulmwiese) and everything nature has to offer are legendary.


Appearance: Beni symbolises the blue ski runs in the ski area. That is why he wears a blue shirt and a blue hat. He is a very talented climber and he never leaves without his binoculars. They help him find people or animals in danger so the bear gang can rush to the rescue.

Characteristics: Beni is better in skiing than Lili, but he is an even better climber. He is a real climbing genius and much better than Jöri.

Particularity: Beni is still small and can therefore reach all angles and stand steady.


Appearance: Her fur is bright brown. She has a bag decorated with berries and wears a head band with her favourite berry, the strawberry.

Characteristics: She has a bag with unknown hiking berries she found in hidden spots in the forest. She is the only one who knows where to find these spots.

Particularity: By eating one of these hiking berries, Lili becomes invisible. She uses this very special power to help other animals or people.

Partner hotels

Children staying in one of the partner hotels can visit the whole bear gang program for free!

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