Arosa Bear Gang

Hello kids! There is always something going on at the Bear Gang

Interesting and adventurous experiences will long be remembered! The kid’s programme of the bear gang offers plenty of adventures. A visit at the fire department or the police station makes every kid’s heart beat faster – or how about «just» drawing, crafting, hiding, catching, inventing, listening…

Supervised Kids Program Summer and Autum 2022

4th July to 19th August 2022
3rd October to 21st October 2022

In July, August and October the Arosa Bear Gang offers an exciting program. Here you will find all the exciting activities you can experience with the Bear Gang. 

Morning (children 4-5 years old): The children tinker and play in the bear gang under supervision and enjoy being children.

Afternoon (children 6 years and older): In the afternoon they go outside to build huts, carve wood, visit the fire brigade or police or bake in the hotel kitchen. These are the various offers of the bear gang. All activities can be found here in the bear gang programme:

Special program on Monday: Legend and fairy tale world in Arosa.

For small children the KiTa Sunnastrahl in Innerarosa is available. 

4th July to 19thAugust 2022
3rd October to 21stOctober 2022

Morning 10.00 - 10.30 Uhr Drop-off time
Lunch time 12.00 - 13.00 Uhr Lunch
Afternoon 13.15 - 13.45 Uhr Drop-off time
Evening 16.45 - 17.00 Uhr Pick-up time
Morning CHF 30.00
Afternoon CHF 30.00
Lunch CHF 25.00
Seasonpass (Bear gang and Arosa Bike School, excl. lunch) CHF 420.00 (for guests)
CHF 360.00 (for locals)



  • Prices ar per child.
  • For free if you stay at a partner hotel from the Bear Gang.
  • Registration mandatory for the afternoon programme and the whole day programme. +41 79 367 56 50 (10.00am-10.450am)

In the morning from 10.00am - 12.00pm children as of the age of 4-5 are permitted, in the afternoon from 2.00pm – 5.00pm the minimum age is 6.

Clothing depening on wheater conditions and topic - stury shoes, sun screen, rain jacket... 
Material personal drinking bottle/cup in the backpack
Insurance lies within the responsibility of each participant
Meeting Point Parking garage Innerarosa

For more information call  +41 79 367 56 50.


Below you will find all information about the Bear Gang. You will also find the history of the Bear Gang. Where do they come from? Why are they in Arosa? Find out everything you have been wondering about Jöri and his gang...

Their History (only in German)


Appearance: He wears a yellow shirt with the words Arosa on the chest and on the back the one of his partner VIER PFOTEN. He is the main mascot of Arosa.

Characteristics: He is big, strong and has learned to be patient. Jöri has a painful history behind him and is therefore strongly committed to nature and animals.

Specials: He wants to help out everywhere and he is committed to others with calm and understanding. His strength is of course sometimes useful - but first off all he scores with skills and knowledge.



Appearance: He wears black pants and a cool black cap. He is the best skier and represents the black piste.

Characteristics: He is super fast and can be on spot very fast in case someone needs help.

Specials: When it comes to difficult tasks, he literally bites into them. He wants to know about it and does not give up until he has found the solution.


Appearance: She wears red pants, a red scarf and a red headband. She stands for the red slopes in the skiing area.

Characteristics: She is in top shape and very sporty. She is also very curious and wants to try everything.

Specials: Her recipes for delicious meals made of honey (in the style of the honey country at Prätschli), berries (hopefully soon to be found as berry country in the Kulmwiese) and everything nature has to offer are legendary.


Appearance: Beni stands for the blue slopes in the skiing area. Therefore he wears a blue shirt and a blue hat. Since he is a good climber, he always has his binoculars with him. This way he can quickly spot people or animals in danger, so the gang can rush to help.

Characteristics: Beni can ski better than Lili, but he is even better at climbing. He is a real climbing genius and much better than Jöri.

Specials: Because he is still pretty small, he can get to remote corners and is able to stand there.



Appearance: She has a light brown fur and a bag decorated with berries. She also wears a headband with her favorite berry, the strawberry.

Characteristics: She has a bag with wonder berries, which humans don't know because they grow in hidden places in the forest. Only she knows where these places are.

Specials: If Lili eats a wonderberry, she can become invisible. She uses this special characteristic to help other animals or people.

Fairy Tale Train 2022

In July and August, the fairytale train takes the children to a magical world, from Arosa to Langwies and back again. Every Monday (25thJuly 2022, 1st August 2022, 8th August 2022) the children are taken to a fairy tale world. The meeting point is at 9.30 am at Arosa station and the cost is CHF 5.00 per child. The fairy tale group is back at 11.15 am at Arosa train station.

Language: German / Attention: Adult company is not desired. Suitable for children from 3 years, or if they can come alone (with older siblings etc). No registration necessary! Thanks to our partner Rhätische Bahn and their children's conductor Clà Ferrovia.

Partner hotels

Children staying in one of the partner hotels can visit the whole bear gang program for free! Discover our partner hotels and benefit from great family offers.

Partner Hotels

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