All about Horses

Do you prefer to sit on or behind a horse?

Get the cowboy feeling in the Swiss Alps. Why not enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery from the back of a horse? Sitting on a horse back or in a horse-drawn carriage is another wonderful way to discover the areas around Arosa. Check the following options on how to spend your day with these gentle trotters.

Horse Riding Tours

Cowboy feeling in the Swiss mountains - Climb on a horse back and enjoy the beautiful mountain landscape.

Horse-Drawn Carriages

Enjoy the landscape of Arosa during a comfortable ride in a carriage.

Long Arosa Round: 1 hour
as requested

Short Lake Round: 30 minutes
Railway Station - Obersee - Rope Park- Valsana Hotel Arosa - Sandhubel - Alteinplatz - Postplatz - Railway Station

Short Lake Round: CHF 10.00 per person (at least 5 to maximum 9 people) 
Long Arosa Round: Price on request (directly from the coachmen)

Please note: After 18.00 o'clock there is a 25% surcharge, waiting time costs CHF 50.00 per hour.

You can book the carriages in advance by phone or approach the coachmen directly on the spot at the station.

  • Jakob Meier:        T +41 79 223 61 64