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Enjoy culinary above the sea of fog

When booking a hotel stay, you can optionally add a wide range of activities to your booking. We wish you a wonderful stay in Arosa!


Lunch on the sundeck, a classic cheese fondue or the cozy brunch? These restaurants will spoil you during the November High in Arosa.

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Aussen ganz
open from 07:00
in Arosa

Caffé Spettacolo

open from 17:30
in Arosa

Charlie's Restaurant, im 1. Stock Home Hotel

Gassa Beizli
open from 11:00
in Castiel

Gassa-Beizli, Calfreisen

GE_Logo_rot_weisser Hintergrund_Profilbild
open from 08:30
in Langwies

Guesthouse Edelweiss, Langwies

open from 07:30
in Arosa

Home Hotel, Frühstücksbuffet

Hopp Arosa Logo
open from 08:00
in Arosa

Hopp Arosa Snackbar

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