Winter Hiking in Arosa

Hiking routes in Arosa, Langwies, on the mountain, at the Untersee lake or at the Hochwang

Every area offers a suitable option for your winter hiking tour. Our route list provides useful information for all tours including difficulty level. Arosa offers over 60 km of hiking trails which lead through snow covered forests or right across the snow sports area to all mountain huts.
Winterwandern-Weisshorn.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

Heidi & Gigi Trail

The Heidi & Gigi Trail, which connects Arosa and Lenzerheide, is a very special highlight in our winter sports paradise. The total hiking time is just around six hours. However, it can be shortened by using resort lift and chair lifts.

Be impressed by the mountain scenery, use the newest transportation facilities such as the Urden Aerial Railway and relax at one of the cosy mountain huts along the way.

Winter tours in detail:

Eichhörnli_8590.JPG | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

Squirrel Trail

Information about the squirrels and also about the bear gang - On the well-known squirrel trail children can feed the cute little animals by hand and learn exciting facts about squirrels along the way. The squirrels also enjoy unsalted hazelnuts in winter.

amelia-20200430.JPG | © Stiftung Arosa Bären / VIER PFOTEN

Arosa Bear Sanctuary Theme Trail

Welcome to the bearish Tschuggen Trail. You can't miss our stars of the trail. Not for nothing do they belong to the big bear family. Set off and discover the six big bears, find out where they live and how big they can get. The route leads from Arosa Bärenland to Tschuggenhütte, past Bergkirchli and up to Kulmwiese (Attention: in winter the route leads from Tschuggenhütte via the winter hiking trail to Bergkirchli, not along the piste as in summer). Once you have found all the bears and measured them, you will find out which one is the biggest. Present the complete punch card, which you can get at Arosa Tourism or in Arosa Bear Country, at the guest information desk of Arosa Tourism (sports and congress centre in the village) and receive a beary surprise.

Arosa Bear Sanctuary


In the two interactive adventure detective stories, you slip into the role of a commissioner of the Graubünden cantonal police. You are assigned to take up the investigation. Go on a search for clues across Ausser- and Innerarosa. Ask around in the village and in the surroundings of the two victims and get important clues that will lead you on the trail of the perpetrator. Both cases can be completed and solved independently of each other. Only in German.

(Theme trail can be walked, provided there is not too much snow and the panels are not covered by snow).

To the trail
Our requests to hikers

Arosa strives for a well-developed and marked winter hiking network. Please pay heed to our requests and suggestions below:

  • Dogs must be kept on a leash
  • Please bring rubbish and leftovers of your picnic back to your home
  • On your hiking tour you will often be able to observe game, please enjoy the sight of these animals in their familiar environment
  • Do not remove hiking trail markers
  • Do not walk on closed trails
  • Do not leave official marked winter hiking trails
HIKING MAP 1:25'000

Order the hiking map in a scale of 1:25'000 with numerous hiking suggestions for summer and winter online.