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The holiday region Arosa has partnerships with selected companies. Have a look at our official strategic, destination and event partners.

Strategic Partner

Destination Partner


As part of a programme run by the Federal Office of Energy, EnergieSchweiz supports voluntary measures for the implementation of Swiss energy policies and is confident that the future of energy in Switzerland can, and must, be developed in a sustainable manner.

In accordance with its legal mandate, EnergieSchweiz promotes knowledge and expertise in energy issues and, at the same time, provides a vessel for the market testing of innovative ideas. With information, advice, education and training for professionals as well as quality assurance measures, the programme boosts the impact of the statutory steering and incentive systems. It supports around 800 innovative projects, thereby contributing to achieving the goals of the energy policies. These formerly also included the Mobility and Minergie labels, which nowadays are established and which function independently.

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Küttel Laubacher Advertising Agency

There is a reason why we have been working with our partners Küttel Laubacher Advertising Agency all these years: We share the same language. Only those who understand each other can communicate successfully.

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Nature Valley

The combination of wholegrain oats and select ingredients such as honey, dark chocolate and Canadian maple syrup in the Crunchy bars from Nature Valley make them an ideal snack.

The Protein bar too contains neither preservatives nor artificial colourings and also provides 20% of the daily requirement of protein.

Nature Valley - the perfect snack for anyone seeking their next adventure in Arosa.

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Destinationspartnerschaft Arosa Tourismus Nüssli AG | © Arosa Tourismus

Nüssli Gruppe

The event destination of Arosa has entered into a partnership with the NUSSLI Group. The world's leading provider in the field of event infrastructure meets the needs and goals of the destination and, as a destination partner of several years' standing, contributes to the sustainable and at the same time safe event development of Arosa.

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Rhaetian Railway

The stretch of track from Chur - Arosa was opened in 1914 and, since 1942 has been part of the 384 km network of the Rhaetian Railway. Since then, the RhB has been carrying people along a 26 km stretch from Chur to Arosa with an elevation gain of 1000 m. The train journey through the Schanfigg valley is an experience in any season and in any weather and wild animals can often be seen during the trip. Another highlight is seeing how the train composition on the Langweiser Viaduct appears to float on air above the Plessur river.

Since the opening of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary, the train journey has gained at least one new attraction: the Bear Sanctuary Safari. Younger guests can solve a puzzle along the route and make the journey pass even quicker.

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Ricola is one of the most modern and innovative producers of confectionery in the world. The company exports herbal specialities to more than 50 countries and its Swiss quality is renowned. Founded in 1930, with its head office in Laufen near Basel and subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the USA, Ricola now manufactures around 60 types of herbal sweets and tea specialities. In Switzerland, the family-run company is considered to be a pioneer in the cultivation of herbs and it attaches great importance to the selection of locations and controlled, environmentally-friendly cultivation. Ricola has customer contracts with over 100 farmers in the Swiss mountain region. Ricola proclaims a management style that is financially, socially and ecologically sustainable and it is a responsible employer of around 500 employees around the world. The traditional values of a family-run company combined with quality awareness and innovative spirit are what makes this top Swiss brand so successful.

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Rivella is at home in Arosa. Having been a partner of Arosa for many years, it is hard to image the slopes and hiking routes without Rivella. Rivella is probably the most popular Swiss soft drink and has been synonymous with the country since 1952. With its unique taste, Rivella embodies refreshing moments and the distinctive attitude to activity in Switzerland.

The thirst for Rivella is definitely at home here

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Swiss Management Zürich | © Swiss Management Zürich

Swiss Management Zürich AG

Swiss Management Zürich AG (SMZH) is an independent financial service consultant offering individual, transparent and sustainable advice to its customers in the areas of finance & investments, pension planning, insurances, mortgages, real-estate as well as tax & legal. 

SMZH uses the 360° Check-up to deliver tailored and comprehensive solutions to its customers which take into account the current situation and individual expectations and goals. The financial advisors support their customers in the implementation and are proactive as a reliable partner for all ongoing matters. 

With this cooperative partnership, both parties are able to leverage from their mutual knowledge and network and deliver a constant and high service quality for its customers and guests.

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UMB - the art of creating time

Time is one of the most valuable resources in the world. Time is the raw material by which good ideas become fantastic projects. With its smart IT solutions, UMB creates time so that you can develop your ideas.

UMB has been recognised as the best employer in Switzerland many time and as the best Swiss employer in Europe. Young talent and established top managers are always welcome to join in “the art of creating time”.

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Yoveo is a team of tried-and-trusted specialists in the fields on video consulting, technology and production and has more than 10 years of experience in the video industry. They are our partner for all things video-related - whether small and simple or large and complex.

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