X-Warrior Arosa

Challenge yourself in this natural obstacle race

An obstacle course in nature with a constant panorama of the Arosa mountains! The X-Warrior is a brand new event in Arosa that adds another highlight to summer. Pitch yourself against nature – become an Arosa X-Warrior, either in a team or on your own.

The race will come back to Arosa in 2024 - let's meet again on 17 and 18 of August 2024!

Want to go for it?

All information, as well as the registration for participation can be found here

X-Warrior Kids

In 2024 there will be a X-Warrior Run for kids and teens for the first time. From the age of 7 girls and boys can discover the route (about 1.5 kilometers). 


This event is a personal challenge amongst breath-taking scenery. However, the organisers are committed to the gentle use of nature and have planned as many natural obstacles as possible. Most of them are made from wood. The use of plastic is restricted to an absolute minimum. The races do not cause any long-term damage to the landscape as has sometimes been the case at other X-warrior runs. 

The X-Warrior is an ideal summer event in Arosa and will become a permanent feature of the Arosa event programme.

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