23 December 2021

New offers for young snow sports enthusiasts

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Kinderland Kulmwiese | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Zappelbär Suchspiel | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Kinderland Kulmwiese | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Zappelbär Suchspiel | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG

On the Kulmwiese in Innerarosa, the second public beginner/children skiing area has been in operation since today. The Zappelbär search game at Tschuggen, another element of the snowsports experience world at Tschuggen, will open at Christmas.

Kulmwiese as a gateway to snow sports
Easy, barrier-free, lively access to snow and snowsports is at the forefront of the overall concept of the Tschuggen Snowsports Experience World, which Arosa Bergbahnen AG initiated in 2016. After Honigland, the first public and free entry island into snow sports, opened in December 2017, another public beginner/children skiing area is now available in the Kulmwiese in Innerarosa.

The practice lift in Kulmwiese can be used free of charge by all guests, young and old, as well as snow sports schools, and will operate daily from 9.30 am to 12.00 pm and from 1.00 to 4.00 pm (from 22 January 2022 until 4.30 pm). The practice area will be divided into a freely accessible public area and a sector for the snow sports schools. The Kulmwiese is operated and maintained by the Arosa mountain railways.

Zappelbär search game in the Tschuggen area
In the latest game element of the Snowsports World of Adventure, the fidgety bear fumbles around in the Tschuggen area. But he should have found his winter rest long ago. The youngest snow sports enthusiasts on the Zappelbär search game help him to get tired by running around on skis or a snowboard. In the Tschuggen area, the young snow fans find the food that the fidget bear needs for the winter. In the process, the bear works up quite a sweat because the snow has covered the Tschuggen. The animals of the forest are his friends. From them, he learns how they deal with hibernation. That, in a nutshell, is the story of the «Zappelbär».

The high-quality staged and lovingly designed bear search game begins on Tschuggen. The starting portal with game instructions is installed there. Attention and a good eye are necessary because the posts are somewhat hidden near the slope. The fidget bear eats sweet honey, mushrooms, or a bush full of blueberries to gain some winter fat. On the way, he meets the mouse in the burrow, the snow grouse in the warm bed and the squirrel counting cones. At the individual posts, the aim is to open the lock to the punch card with the help of the humorously designed game instructions. Once all the stamps have been collected on the playing card, the fidget bear is ready for its winter rest. And for the children there is a fine reward when they visit the Tschuggenhütte or Brüggerstuba restaurants.

New splashes of colour in the Tschuggen Snowsports Adventure World
The «Schneesport Erlebniswelt Tschuggen» is a project of the Arosa mountain railways that aims to make snow sports attractive to young people in Arosa Lenzerheide and to promote them. Arosa wants to make the most of its advantage as a ski resort in the village at 1,800 m above sea level where snow is guaranteed and to stage the area around Tschuggen in an imaginative way. The implementation of the Tschuggen Snowsports Experience World will follow a multi-year staged plan. After the Honey Land as a public and free entry island to the snow in 2017, the next stage followed the following year with the sleeping Tomeli bear and the Bear Snow Park at the skilift Ried. The newly installed «Zappelbär search game» is the 3rd stage in the multi-year development plan, and the now freely accessible public Kulmwiese is immediately the 4th stage. All guests are welcome.