Cross-Country Skiing Track Isel 5.5km

On this cross-country track you will enjoy 5.5 km classic and skating on an easy and beautiful route through the forest.

The Isel cross-country ski track starts a little below the village of Arosa and first leads past the southern shore of the reservoir of the same name (Isel Stausee). The lake, located in the Schiesshorn forest, is fed by the Furggabach, the Furggaalpbach and the Plessur. A short ascent follows until the trail continues to wind through the pine-rich forest until you reach the starting point again.

If snow conditions permit, the trail is open from November onwards as part of the "November High". So you can prepare for the cross-country skiing season on the trail around the Isel reservoir. The cross-country trail in the Isel is also well suited for beginners with basic skills.