Arosa – Prätschli – Maran – Arosa

Starting in Arosa the trail leads through the forest all the way up to Prätschli. Enjoy the fresh air and the incredible view. Then the trail heads back down via Maran and the squirrel trail.

Take the road behind the train station that leads to the Waldhotel. Turn right into the forest and keep ascending until you reach the highest point of the tour at Prätschli. Behind the Prätschlistall (stable) the trail heads back down to Maran. If you wish to prolong the tour you may chose the trail via the Maran Hüschi. Once in Maran it is recommended to take a break at the cheese making factory Maran or the restaurant Iisblatere. The last section to the village passes along the squirrel trail. If you bring some nuts you might be able to feed the cute animals. An experience for the whole family!