Heidi & Gigi Winter Hiking Trail Arosa

The Heidi & Gigi Trail is an exciting and challenging mountain tour that connects the two areas of Arosa and Lenzerheide. The tour can also be shortened with the mountain railways. (This section of the route refers to the stage Arosa)

What has long been a tradition in summer is also possible in winter. The Heidi & Gigi Trail connects Arosa with Lenzerheide and vice versa. Along the winter hiking trail you can enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery, use the latest transport facilities such as the Urden cable car and enjoy a meal in one of the beautiful mountain restaurants. The Heidi & Gigi Trail can be tackled both from Arosa and from Lenzerheide. The "LenzerHeidi" and the "Gigi vo Arosa" have gone hand in hand at least since the opening of the Urden cable car. Occasionally, however, the two also visit each other on foot, enjoying wonderful views over mountain peaks and valleys as well as a snack or two in the various restaurants along the way. Follow the connecting path and fall in love with the unique landscape of Heidi & Gigi.


The ascent to the Hörnli is always slightly uphill. For hikers who prefer to complete this section by cable car, there is the option of boarding a Hörnli Express cable car in Innerarosa. The "Urdenbahn" connecting cable car takes you to the Lenzerheide holiday region.