Langwies - Fondei

The hike from Langwies to the Fondei high valley first leads through the forest above Langwies, deeper into the mountains until the valley opens up in a north-easterly direction until just before the impressive Walser settlement. 

From Langwies, the hike climbs up the forest road through the forest. Before the path winds its way into the narrowing valley, it is worth looking back over Langwies and the Schanfigg. The valley soon becomes narrower and wilder, the path leads deeper and deeper into it through the galleries. As soon as you leave the galleries, the valley opens up and you can see the many Walser houses scattered throughout the valley. Now the trail climbs again a little and leads towards Strassberg. Shortly before the village, a path branches off to the Casanna ski house. If you continue along the path, you will reach the Strassberg mountain inn shortly before the Walser settlement.