Themed Hiking Routes

Unforgettable moments in the Arosa mountains

There is a lot to discover along the themed hiking routes in and around Arosa. Combine hiking and learning in a playful way while feeding the animals and exploring the local flora and fauna.
Eichhoernliweg | © Nina Mattli

Squirrel Trail

Along this popular walking trail kids can feed the cute animals by hand and find out interesting information about squirrels and their daily life.

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Minor-Schatzsuche beim Arosa Bärenland

Rund um das Arosa Bärenland, bei der Mittelstation der Luftseilbahn Arosa-Weisshorn, haben sich Eichhörnchen versteckt. Wer findet sie? Ab Sommer 2019 können sich Gross und Klein auf die Schatzsuche nach den aus Holz geschnitzten Eichhörnchen begeben und tolle Preise gewinnen. Wer alle Eichhörnchen findet und auf der Schatzkarte einzeichnet, erhält beim Restaurant Brüggerstuba zur Belohnung ein gratis Minörli. Gestärkt kann nun der Wandertag in Arosa oder der Besuch im Arosa Bärenland fortgesetzt werden. Dort können Bären im weitläufigen, natürlichen Aussengehege beobachten werden.

Arosa Bärenland
Maran Blumenwiese | © Nina Mattli

Lucky Stone Trail

This trail provides you hands-on opportunities to explore habitats with their geological features and adaptable flora. Especially children learn in a playful way and enjoy the corresponding quiz.

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Erlebnisweg Bärenland

Willkommen auf dem bärenhaften Tschuggen-Trail. Unsere Stars des Weges kann man einfach nicht übersehen. Nicht umsonst gehören sie zur Familie der Grossbären. Machen Sie sich auf den Weg und entdecken Sie die sechs Grossbären, erfahren Sie wo sie leben und wie gross sie werden können. Haben Sie alle Bären gefunden und vermessen, so erfährt man welcher der grösste Grossbär ist. Legen Sie das vollständige Heft in der Tschuggenhütte vor und erhalten Sie eine grossbärige Überraschung.

Die Route führt vom Arosa Bärenland zur Tschuggenhütte, am Bergkirchli vorbei und bis zur Kulmwiese.

Mittelstation Arlenwald | © Nina Mattli

Trail of the Planets

Go on an adventure across our solar system and travel from the sun to planet Pluto. The Trail of the Planets uncovers the secrets of space and demonstrates the impressive size of our solar system on a scale of 1:2.8 billion. Note: The Trail of the Planets is currently not in operation. We thank you for your understanding.

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Wandern Familie Stausee | © Nina Mattli

Isel Nature Trail

Would you like to learn more about the exciting history of Arosa’s water and electricity supply? Or do you feel like exploring the local botanical and geological diversity of Arosa on your own? In that case, we recommend that you follow the Isel Nature Trail to the Altein waterfalls and return along the reservoir lake. The trail is accessible even in bad and wet weather conditions.

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Schwellisee | © Nina Mattli

Hikes of Legends

An enchanted castle and all its inhabitants are destroyed by lightning and thunder. Every night, tormented screams can be heard across the Urdenalp. And two lovers freeze to death at the Gottlob-Stone at the Carmennapass. You can purchase a special legends-hiking map with a collection of all the local legends at the Arosa Tourist Office for CHF 9.00.

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Stausee | © Nina Mattli

Educational Trail "Conservation.Forest. Humans"

This trail brings you in contact with the most important aspects of the two guiding principles "the world in motion" and "moving the world". The interactive panels guide you step by step towards the subject matter and invite you to judge, to reason and to observe. The boards provide essential information for each subject. You can also buy a guide book with additional insights at the Arosa Tourist Office for CHF 3.00.

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Schwellisee | © Nina Mattli

10-Lake Fun

Discover ten mountain lakes in Arosa and let yourself be enchanted by their mysterious and relaxing depths. The diverse hiking trails, passing across the vast area in and around Arosa, can easily be completed over several days.
Make sure you do not forget to write down the number of each lake, so you can win a little souvenir.

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Logo | © Flower Walks App

Flower Walks App

Botanical treasure hunt in Arosa with the app «Flower Walks»

Arosa is a partner of the app «Flower Walks» and provides you with a colorful excursion through the fascinating world of flowers. Over 900 plants grow between the Arosa Weisshorn and the village. Discover them by downloading the app and following the planned route with all its information. Let the flower journey begin!

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Fondei | © Nina Mattli

Trail of the Wals People

The Trail of the Wals People is a project by the Wals Association of Grisons and grants the opportunity to experience the culture of the local Wals people. Explore exciting historical trails that combine impressive natural and cultural landscapes with regional history and specialties in the most beautiful regions of Switzerland.

Walk on the path of history along the Trail of the Wals People
Foto | © Nina Mattli

Schanfigger Höhenweg

The Schanfigg Alpine Trail can be accomplished in six one-day stages and leads along marked hiking routes above the timber line all around the Schanfigg valley. Walking through fragrant Alpine meadows, across small creeks, passing loving, crooked, tanned houses means relaxation for body and soul. And the impressive mountain scenery is the best reward for accomplishing the trail by foot. On the Peister Alp you meet grazing cows which take a bemused look at the passers-by. Charming cabins and traditional guesthouses along the hiking route invite hikers to linger and spend the night.

Strap up your hiking boots
Alpengarten Maran  | © Nina Mattli

Maran Garden

Discover the diversity of the local Grisons flora during a guided visit through the Maran Garden. The tours take place every Tuesday at 2.30 pm during the summer months.

Meeting point is at the bus stop Maran. The guided tour is free of charge and registration is not required.

discover the local Grisons flora at the Maran Garden
Wandern Familie Roter Tritt | © Nina Mattli

Spielerische Entdeckungsreisen

Zwei verschiedene Angebote führen per Handy durchs Dorf und hin zu Orten, die Sie ohne diese Entdeckungsreisen womöglich verpasst hätten. Lernen Sie Arosa und seine Umgebung bei einem geführten Spiel kennen und erfahren Sie Spannendes über die Region.

Bärensafari und Swiss-O-Finder in Arosa...

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Events in Arosa

During the winter and the summer season there are plenty of happenings in Arosa! The mountains, the village and the lake offer unlimited options. Browse through the numerous topics and find your favourite activity.