Eisbadi Untersee Arosa

Eisbadi Untersee Arosa



Verein Eisbadi Arosa
7050 Arosa

The “Eisbadi Arosa” association has been running the first ice pool in Europe since 2021.

At Untersee in winter it's all about ice bathing and sauna.
The infrastructure is open to everyone and the board works on a voluntary basis. To support this, we ask all non-members for a usage fee of CHF 5 per ice bath for the maintenance of the infrastructure.

Our goal is to make ice bathing accessible to as many people as possible.
The 23/24 season starts again on November 23rd.

If you have no experience, we would be happy to accompany you on your first ice bath.

We provide information about ice bathing, show you how to prepare your body and head, give tips and accompany you to the ice bath. Our goal: stay in for a minute! With this workshop it is possible, it is safe and fun.

Or enjoy the only public sauna in Arosa.
Through the mirrored window you can watch the frozen Untersee, the snow-covered fir trees and the Schiesshorn. You forget your everyday life and enjoy the feeling of the heat of the sauna and the cold of the water with your loved ones. We offer a 90° Finnish sauna for up to 8 people.