Restaurant Golfhuus Arosa

Restaurant Golfhuus Arosa



Restaurant Golfhuus Arosa
Maranerstrasse 61
7050 Arosa
Phone +41 81 377 42 24

Nachhaltiger Betrieb

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Eat by the fireplace and enjoy the view The cosy atmosphere inside by the fireplace and outside on the terrace as well as the breathtaking view of the cross-country ski trail and the mountain panorama inspire our guests. Chef Felix Hams Chef de Service Florian Ettinger and the team at the front serve you small and large delicacies. Our tip: Flaming salmon fresh from the fire. Spicy marinated, crispy on the outside and tender pink on the inside - straight from the fire to the table.

Events in the Golfhuus

  • Do. 12.01.2023 – Sushi-Abend
  • Do. 26.01.2023 – Flammlachs-Abend
  • Do. 09.02.2023 – Whiskey & Dine
  • Do. 23.02.2023 – Flammlachs-Abend
  • Do. 09.03.2023 – Rum & Dine
  • Do. 23.03.2023 – Flammlachs-Abend