All-Mountain and Enduro biking in Arosa


With the Enduro or All-Mountain bike one has its fun in many mountain destinations. But here you will find the highlights, which are only available here.
ramoz-package.tif | © Mattias Fredriksson Photography

#1: Welschtobel Tour

The Welschtobel Tour should be on every bucket list of an Enduro or All-Mountain rider. There are two variants:
1. tour analogous to the tour description according to the link over the Parpaner Rothorn: Includes a 1.5 hour carrying march. But the descent is definitely worth the effort! Length: 32.1 km / difference in altitude: +/-2'483 m (with track), condition: 5/5 and technique 4/5
2nd tour via Lenzerheide to Alavaneu: With this choice of route, you can look forward to a lush 1,500 metres of altitude difference, which require good thigh muscles. For those who prefer this to carrying their bike for 1.5 hours. Go for it. Either way, the descent is brilliant!

Tip: Plan the tour as a two-day tour with overnight stay in the Ramozhütte. Not because the tour is not feasible in one day, but because an overnight stay in the SAC Ramozhütte is simply brilliant!

Tour details
bike-rasenmaeher-august2020-10.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#2: BikeTicket2RIDE black

Surprise! The BikeTicket 2 RIDE Tour black can not only be started from Chur or Lenzerheide, but also from Arosa. You can pedal 700 meters uphill and 6000 meters downhill. A MUST for every enduro biker.

Length: 64.5 km / difference in altitude: -6000 m
(+636 m)
Conditions: 5/5 and technique 5/5


Tour details
Arosa Bären Bikebande

#3: Arosa Cable car tour

The cable car tour in Arosa is easy with the Weisshorn cable car and the Hörnli Express. At the Hörnli you don't enjoy the comfortable descent over the Hörnli Trail, but face the tricky task of a difficult single trail down towards Lake Schwellisee. Take up the challenge! And the good news is that the trails are short and you can try it more than once a day to improve your technique.

Length: 26.3 km / difference in altitude: -1'800 m
Conditions: 3/5 and technique 4/5

Tour details

#4: Plessur Run

A little inside: At the start or end of your bike stay in Arosa, it's worth making a short detour to Langwies. The descent includes forest roads in between, but in between there are two very exciting single trail descents.

Please try it out - it is also very popular with locals as an evening run.

Tour details
Medergen-Alpenrosen 1.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#5: Medergen

The small Walser village of Medergen is not far from Arosa and with its rustic houses, a mountain inn without electricity and its view of the Schanfigg valley creates a unique oasis of well-being. And these are not just beautiful words, they are fact! All the better, one can visit the little village with an ascent of around 700 metres in altitude, followed by a super cool, partly technical descent back to Arosa.

Length: 19.6 km / difference in altitude: +/-773 m
Conditions: 4/5 and technique 4/5

Tour details
sunset-bike-and-grill-1.jpg | © Urban Engel Perspectiva

#6: Sunset Bike Challenge

The summer evenings are warm, long and perfect for biking. Together with the Arosa Bikeschool, the Sunset bike challenges become a real experience for active bikers who like to measure themselves against each other. Special challenges will be held on the three evenings of 11 July, 8 and 22 August. How long does it take to ride down the Hörnli Trail without chains on your bike, who will best show off themselves and their bikes at the photo shoot or who will manage the most in a team during three hours? In addition to the challenges, the Hörnli Hut with the legendary Abig Röteler provides a suitable supporting programme, cool beats and fine hut food.

rema-bikeschule-2.jpg | © Rema Bikeschule Arosa

#7: Technician by REMA Bikeschule Arosa

With this bucketlist we already reveal some raisins of our beautiful bike area. But of course there is a lot more to discover what is best done with a local guide. The REMA Bikeschule Arosa offers the perfect combination with trained Swiss Cycling Guides and the corresponding know-how from Arosa.

2 hours technical course from CHF 55.00 per person (min. four participants)
1 day bike tour in Arosa Lenzerheide from CHF 103.00 per person (min. four participants)


#8: Schanfigg E-Bike Tour

Every enduro biker wants to go on a tour with one of the new modern e-bikes. Our bike shops offer modern e-bikes for rent. The best way to test them is to take a tour to Schanfigg. Our valley offers innumerable treasures, which were discovered so far by very few bikers.
Ideal start: Switzerland Mobile Tour over the Peisteralp: Length: 37.1 km / Difference in altitude: +/-1'700 m
Conditions: E-Bike power and technique 2/5

Peisteralp Tour

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