Pleasure and e-bike in Arosa


Every third bike sold since summer 2019 is an e-bike. This makes it all the more important that the destinations deal with the subject and the corresponding offers. The following are our MUST's on this topic.

#1: E-Bike Gastro Tour

Just ride the modern e-bike once and it sounds tempting. However, there are some differences between the normal bike and the e-bike. So that you can fully enjoy the culinary tour, we recommend that you book a tour with the Arosa Bike School which combines technical inputs with culinary highlights and fun. And so nothing stands in the way of an eventful e-bike day.

Recommended culinary tour: Arosa - Sennerei Maran - Prätschalp - Mittelstation - Carmennahütte - Alpenblick - Arosa

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hoernli-trail-ebike-1.jpg | © Nathan Hughes

#2: Hörnli Trail without gondola

The Hörnli Trail with its 113 curves and a length of 6.8km already has something. But the experience is really cool when you pedal the vertical meters up to the Hörnli yourself. This can of course be simplified with the e-bike motor, but is also possible without an e-bike.

Height meters from Arosa all on forest roads: 763 height meters

Schwellisee 3-Arosa.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#3: Schwellisee Round

The most important first: The goal is to choose a nice day for this tour so that you can venture into the cool waters of Lake Schwellisee. A must for every Arosa visitor! The leisurely tour first leads along forest roads, from the Alpenblick follows an increasingly tricky hiking trail and then follows the descent to Lake Schwellisee along a forest road. Further on to Isla follows another very fun single trail.

Length: 19.1 km / difference in altitude: +/-600 m
Conditions: 2/5 and technique 2/5

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Alpenhirt.png | © Alpenhirt

#4: Ochsenalp - Tschiertschen

A perfect e-bike tour or an observation tour with a long but beautiful ascent. The Switzerland Mobile Route offers a beautiful circular route without difficult passages.

Tips for good bikers: take the single trail shortcut at Löser
Tips for everyone: stop at the Alpenhirt in Tschiertschein and let yourself be pampered.

Length: 32.3 km / altitude difference: -1'050 m
Conditions: 4/5 and technique 2/5

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#5: Scheidegg round

Whether with or without tour. The Schweidegg is a popular evening tour for locals and should not be withheld from our guests. Up to the Rot Tritt you are also on a beautiful forest road. A short, but tricky single trail ascent follows before you descend again at the Schweidegg. This descent is also on a hiking trail, technically, but not difficult. Therefore a great practice round for all who want to dare on the first hiking trails in the area.

Length: 15 km / difference in altitude: +/-407 m
Conditions: 2/5 and technique 2/5

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Arosa Bären Bikebande | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#6: Grüenseeli round

A rather unknown tour to the reservoir and then to the Grüenseeli which is no less beautiful. On the contrary, far away from mountain railways and the tourist streams, this tour offers pure nature. Perfect to get away from stress and hectic life and enjoy.

Length: 9.6 km
Altitude difference: +/-349 m
Conditions: 2/5 and technique 2/5

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arosa-enduro-mattjischhorn.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#7: Visit to Fondei

A day trip to Fondei is not only worthwhile because of the fine cuisine of the mountain guest house Casanna. The tour includes beautiful ascents, not too difficult descents and a spectacular panorama around the Schanfigg valley. Arosa can also be seen from a different perspective.

Length: 26.5 km
Altitude difference: +/-1'102 m
Conditions: 3/5 and technique 2/5

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schanfigger höhenweg_verbindendes.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#8: To the Heimeligugg

What the Heimeligugg is all about can be experienced in the mountain restaurant Heimeli am after the Walser village of Sapün. In this mountain guesthouse there is not only fine food, but much more to discover.
The bike tour is perfect for e-bike beginners who want to try out a simple single trail descent.

Length: 24.9 km
Altitude difference: +/-1'031 m
Conditions: 3/5 and technique 2/5

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