1 December 2021

Arosa Lenzerheide ski area open daily from Saturday

After skiing has already been possible on weekends since 13 November 2021 as part of the November high on the Hörnli and Urdenfürggli, the Arosa Lenzerheide ski area will start daily operations this coming Saturday. From Saturday, 4 December 2021, further facilities and slopes will open in the Fadail, Pedra Grossa and Lavoz area on the Lenzerheide side and Plattenhorn and Weisshorn on the Arosa side.

Thanks to the low temperatures, the mountain railways staff were able to make optimal use of the technical snowmaking and process the welcome increase in fresh snow. In addition to the facilities and slopes already open during the November high, further facilities and slopes in the Arosa Lenzerheide ski area will open in time for the coming weekend.

On the Lenzerheide side, facilities and slopes on both sides of the valley will be open from next Saturday. In Arosa, the Hörnli area is connected to the Tschuggen area and the Weisshorn axis. Downhill runs in the valley are open and well-skiable both in Lenzerheide (after Parpan only open at weekends for the time being) and in Arosa.


Arosa Lenzerheide
  • Gondola Hörnli-Express
  • Chairlift Hörnli
  • Urdenbahn aerial tramway
  • 1st section aerial cableway Arosa-Weisshorn (8.20 am to 4.20 pm)
  • 2nd section aerial cableway Arosa-Weisshorn (8.30 am to 4.10 pm)
  • Kulm gondola lift (8.20 am to 4.15 pm.
  • Chairlift Plattenhorn
  • Skilift Ried
  • Children skiing area Honigland (closed from 6 to 10 December)
  • Chairlift Heimberg (with valley lift)
  • Chairlift Motta (with valley lift)
  • Urdenfürggli chairlift
  • Fadail skilifts
  • Chairlift Pedra Grossa
  • Chairlift Lavoz
  • Children skiing area Auarara


Arosa Lenzerheide
  • Mittlere Piste (Nr. 2)
  • Hörnli Traverse (Nr. 5)
  • Strada Oberer Teil (Nr. 5a)
  • Zufahrt SB Hörnli Tal (Nr. 5b)
  • Strada Unterer Teil (Nr. 5c)
  • SBP Tal - Carmenna Tal (Nr. 5d)
  • SB Plattenhorn Berg – Oberer Carmennahang – Unterer Carmennahang (Nr. 6)
  • Emsla (Nr. 6a)
  • Weisshorngipfel-Sattelhütte-LAW Mitte (Nr. 10)
  • Ried Berg – Gondelbahn Kulm Tal (Nr. 13)
  • Carmenna Tal – Hörnli-Express Tal (Nr. 13a)
  • Gondelbahn Kulm Berg – Ried Berg (Nr. 14a)
  • Gondelbahn Kulm Berg-Vetter (Nr. 15) withour Tomeli-Steilhang
  • Ried Berg – Tomeli Tal (Nr. 15a)
  • Urdenfürggli (Nr. 20)
  • Talabfahrt Heimberg (Nr. 20a, Nr. 20b, Nr. 28a)
  • Sie & Er (Nr. 40a)
  • Fadail (Nr. 40b und Nr. 49)
  • Ravugn (Nr. 42b)
  • Nova Lavoz (Nr. 52)
  • Sissiella (Nr. 55)
  • FIS Traverse (Nr. 55a)
  • Originale (Nr. 60a und Nr. 60b)

East-West connection not yet open.


Arosa Lenzerheide
  • Brüggerstuba
  • 360° Panoramarestaurant Weisshorngipfel
  • Hörnlihütte
  • Carmennahütte
  • Alp Arosa (only for pedestrians)
  • Alpenblick (only for pedestrians)
  • Tschuggenhütte (open from Thursday, 9 December 2021)
  • Sternebar (open from Thursday, 9 December 2021)
  • Mottahütte
  • Alp Nova
  • Avant Clavo
  • Scuntrada
  • Alp Lavoz
  • Kiosk Auarara

The mountain railways staff continue to work flat out to be able to open additional facilities and slopes.

Covid-19 information and protective measures

The safety and health of employees, guests, and the public will, of course, continue to be given priority. The latest findings, any directives and important information can be called up at any time on the Corona info page. The managers of the Arosa Lenzerheide ski area would like to thank all guests and employees for complying with the directives and taking their own responsibility.

Up to date

An overview of the operating and opening hours as well as the structure of the ski area can always be found here.

Live Information

Detailed information on the open facilities, slopes, children skiing areas, mountain restaurants and more can be found in the winter sports report and on the interactive ski map.