17 August 2022


Old News
Filme für die Erde 2021 Arosa | © Arosa Tourismus

"Using movies to demonstrate what is worth preserving"

For 11 years, the organisation "Filme für die Erde" has been promoting the connection between cinema and sustainability. The free film festival has provided much joy and success in recent years and is now set to return to Arosa. To ensure that this can be realised and that Arosa will also be the venue for exciting sustainability movies in 2022, the Arosa donation platform there-for-you.com and Arosa 2030 have joined forces and are now collecting donations. Because the goal is clear: attendance at the "Filme für die Erde Festival" should be made possible for everyone free of charge. 

Donations for the Filmfestival in Arosa can easily be made via Twint, credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.