31 January 2022

Fresh snow as far as our eyes can see

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Neuschnee Arosa 2022 | © Arosa Tourismus

Mrs Holle is giving her best with the fresh snow in Arosa. In the coming days it will snow without interruption and Arosa will once again be transformed into a winter wonderland. 

We measure the fresh snow for you: 
How much snow will there be in Arosa by 5pm on Wednesday 2nd of February? Give your tip on Facebook and stay up to date with our ticker. 

  • Monday, 31.01.2022, 2 p.m.: 41 cm
  • Monday, 31.01.2022, 5 p.m.: 42 cm (wind gusts)
  • Tuesday, 01.02, 2022, 8 a.m.: 75 cm
  • Tuesday, 01.02.2022, 12 p.m.: 86 cm
  • Tuesday, 01.02.2022, 5 p.m.: 90 cm
  • Wednesday, 02.02, 2022, 8 a.m.: 101 cm
  • Wednesday, 02.02, 2022, 11 p.m.: 101 cm (wind)
  • Wednesday, 02.02, 2022, 5 p.m.: 110 cm

Helpful information: 
Due to the current situation, we recommend that you keep yourself informed about the possible activities and the open facilities. 

  • Click here for the live report on the open facilities
  • Click here for the weather report 
  • Here you will find tips and activities for snowy days in Arosa
  • Here you will find the latest information on road conditions

Stay creative: 
What better way than to wrap up in warm clothes and enjoy the fresh snow in a creative way? No one is too old for fun snow adventures, off to the cold fun! 

  • Have a snowball fight 
  • Build an Arosa snowman 
  • Stamp a snow greeting message in the fresh snow for your loved ones 
  • Lie down and form a snow angel 
  • Share your best pictures on Facebook and Instagram with the #arosa