28 September 2022

Nomination Niesen Summit

Old News
Arosa Bärenland mit Bärin Amelia | © Stiftung Arosa Bären / VIER PFOTEN

The Milestone is one of the most important Swiss tourism awards and has been honoring particularly innovative projects since 2000. At this year's Niesen Summit, the Milestone winners from the past 21 years will be analyzed and honored once again. The Arosa Bear Sanctuary is one of the most effective tourism projects ever and happily joins the list of ten finalists. The jury of the Niesen Summit justifies the choice of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary with the great charisma, which the project has far beyond the destination border.

The destination of Arosa has been awarded three milestones in recent years and is thus considered one of the most innovative destinations in the Swiss tourism industry. Whether the Arosa Bear Sanctuary will also be able to assert itself in the overall ranking of the last 21 years will be shown at the Niesen Summit on November 15, 2022. The four bears in Arosa will probably not care much, because they will enjoy the Arosa autumn until then and will go into hibernation at the beginning of winter.