8 August 2022

Siblings get to know each other

Old News
Vergesellschaftung Sam und Jamila im Arosa Bärenland | © Stiftung Arosa Bären / VIER PFOTEN

Sam and Jamila, the newest residents of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary, met for the first time today in direct contact with each other. Although the two are siblings, they were kept apart in their past at Skopje Zoo. Today, Monday 8 August 2022, was a big day for the duo from northern Macedonia: The socialisation. When they met for the first time in Arosa, the two were briefly frightened and went into a typical bear attack position. However, this immediately disappeared and a familiar, mutual approach followed. The two wild animals seemed to cope well with the new situation and already radiated a very familiar relationship after a few minutes.

In order to be able to keep all the bears together in the future, the two will now be given some time and then socialised with the other two residents, Amelia and Meimo. So now comes a particularly exciting time in the Arosa Bear Sanctuary. Guests can watch the bears' experiences from the visitor platform or the adventure trail with the best view.