Honeyland Prätschli

For children and returnees

At the Prätschli, the "Honigland" creates a public and free beginner / children's snow sports area, which should also appeal to returnees. With a 45 m conveyor belt next to the Prätschli ski lift, the ski lift itself and various staging elements, a new world of experience has been created. Come and try it out! The topic "honey" is based on the Arosa Bear Sanctuary which is opened since August 2018.

where is the honeyland?

The easiest to reach the Honeyland is to take the free public bus towards "Prätschli". Get off on the last bus stop and find the Honeyland directly in front of you. There is also a limited number of outdoor parking lots for cars. For skiers, there is also the possibility to reach the Honeyland from the snowsport area. The Honeyland lays north east from the Tschuggen area.

Bus Schedule

who created the Honeyland?

Arosa Bergbahnen AG wants to make the area around the Tschuggen-Mittelstation-Weisshorn attractive. For this they have launched the project "chill and fun" (chill for Weisshorn, fun for Tschuggen). The Tschuggen Snow Sports World is a sub-project whose goal is to re-stage the ski resort in the village around the Tschuggen region and to promote young snow sports fans. The subproject was developed together with the Erlebnisplan GmbH. 

Arosa Bergbahnen AG
20191105_ABL_Schnee_Meimo_03.jpg | © Stiftung Arosa Bären / VIER PFOTEN

Honeyland and Bear Sanctuary

The theme "honey" is based on the bear country, which was opened in August 2018.

About the Bear Sanctuary