Schlittenkönig Arosa

Schlittenkönig Arosa



Schlittenkönig Arosa
Manuela Kündig
Poststrasse 120
7050 Arosa
Phone +41 81 356 50 38
Mobile +41 76 673 35 68

Our wide product range ranges from family and rental sleds to touring and sports toboggans in a wide range of sizes. Of course, all models can be touched and tested in the store. In some cases we also offer test models for test driving. Come visit us in Arosa and see for yourself what different sledges we have!

We rent the following items:

Children's sleigh

1st sleigh

2-person sleigh

1er toboggan 2

person toboggan

Sleigh with child seat

Sleigh with seat and wheels

Runners for the stroller

Plastic Bob