Biking as a family


Arosa has always positioned itself as a family destination and implements product design accordingly. In the summer, families can find the most comprehensive all-inclusive offer, learn interesting facts about animal protection in Bärenland and combine them with an exciting voyage of discovery, and now they can also let off steam on their bikes.

#1: Skill Center at the Hörnli-Express valley station

The Skill Center offers a practice platform with corresponding jetty curves, root, wood and stone elements, which lead all user groups to the necessary bike technology, so that they can then enjoy the Hörnli Trail or individual tours in the area.

Equipped with four different practice trails and a conveyor belt, you can learn everything from simple curves to overcoming stone elements or jumps. Ideally, you should combine your visit with participation in the Bike Bear Gang.

Arosa Bären Bikebande | © Ski- und Snowboardschule Arosa

#2: Bear Bike Gang

Ski school in summer! The Bear Bike Gang is happy to offer a varied children's programme with different levels during the holiday periods. Jöri and his colleagues accompany the children together with the bike guides for about 1.5 hours. Meeting point is directly at the Skill Center at the Hörnli-Express valley station.

Lili: the children learn the first steps around biking with bikes or like a bike in a playful way.
Beni: The Skill Center offers the best conditions to ride your first bike trails with Beni.
Ella: the goal of Ella is to be able to ride the Hörnli Trail with the kids at the end of the week.
Gian: Jumps, Wheelie, rear wheel offset and much more. You never stop learning on the bike

Bear Bike Gang
Bike-pumptrack.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#3: Pumptrack

In addition to the Skill Center at the Hörnli-Express valley station, the Pumptrack at Ochsenbüel also offers a perfect playground for children. Driving on a pump track requires a certain amount of skill, but is all the more fun. Technical courses can also be booked at the Arosa Bike School or at the REMA Bikeschule Arosa.

All about the pumptrack
Familien Bike Arosa | © Nathan Hughes

#4: Flow Round

The new Hörnli Trail is a highlight for every biker, but for children it is too difficult and too long due to its length of 6.8km. With the Flow Round we offer a simple alternative:

Route: Obersee Arosa - gondola ride with the cable car Arosa Weisshorn to the middle station - comfortable ride along the forest path to the Restaurant Alpenblick - break - ride through the last section of the Hörnli Trail - visit to the Skill Center - ice cream for everyone at the kiosk - everyone is happy!

Off to bike and try it out.

All about the tour
Stausee-Arosa.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#5: Excursion Langwies

What could be better than combining the "Isel Nature Trail" nature trail along the Plessur to Langwies with a leisurely bike tour for the whole family? So the children can learn a lot about our forests and their nature and at the same time have a lot of fun with the easy downhill bike ride.

The Rhaetian Railway takes you back to Arosa. With the Arosa Card, the ride is included, but there is a surcharge for the bike transport.

Let's go
Sennerei Maran.jpg | © Sennerei Maran

#6: Ochsenalp Round

Do you want to test your children's muscle strength and your own? The Ochsenalp round is very popular with young and old, contains no dangerous places and offers various culinary stops.

Tip: Start the tour on the lower forest road to Ochsenalp. The ascent takes some time, but once you have arrived at Ochsenalp, the strenuous part is already over and you can recharge your batteries. The return journey to Arosa via the Rot Titt, the Prätschalp to the Sennerei Maran offers beautiful views and with local products at the guesthouses even finer rewards for the kids but of course also for you.

We recommend the tour with children from the age of 8.

To the tour
Familien Bike Arosa | © Nathan Hughes

#7: Hörnli Trail

The Hörnli Trail with 113 curves offers pure riding fun for experienced bikers and the perfect exciting program for active families who already have experience with biking. On the track there are four resting places where parents and children can relax from the roller coaster before the fun continues!

Tip: before you set off, get refreshed in the Hörnlihütte and after 4/5 enjoy the mountain sun from the trail on the terrace of the Alpenblick.

Braeteln-MaranerStein 2-Arosa.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#8: Barbecue fun

Biking needs energy! What could be better than stopping at one of our many barbecue places to regain strength with a fine sausage or snake bread? The following family tours can be combined well with a stop at a barbecue place:

Isla Tour: From Arosa to the Pfadiheim, then over a fun trail to the Isla and over the bridge to the Brätelstelle Wettsteinhütte.
Maraner Stein Tour: By bike with the cable car to the Weisshorn middle station, then across the Arlen forest to the Maranerstein.
Prätschsee Tour: With the bikes by cable car to the Weisshorn middle station, then over the Arlen forest to the crossing direction Ochsenlalp, further along the forest road to the Prätschee and its beautiful barbecue place right next to the small lake.

All Barbecue places

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