Photo spots

The Arosa Bucket List for photo enthusiastss

Almost as important as the perfect holiday experience is the right photo to go with it. With our photo spots, everyone becomes a snapper and Instagrammer - capture your postcard moment now!
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#1: Arosa Railway Station

A railway station as a photo subject? Of course! 

The railway station in Arosa is beautifully situated directly on the Obersee. The wooden benches with the well-known Arosa lettering are the perfect photo subject upon arrival or shortly before departure from Arosa. 

Arosa Railway Station
Bergkirchli.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#2: Bergkirchli

What is more photogenic than Arosa's oldest building? The Bergkirchli was completed in 1493 and has always been considered one of the most famous buildings in Arosa. Beautifully situated on the slope in Innerarosa, it is an ideal photo subject. 

By the way: a photo of the view towards the village is also worthwhile!

Winterstimmung_Praetschalp_19.3.19_0006_2.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#3: Prätschalp

Winter hiking at its best! Hike through the fairytale snow-covered Arosa winter landscape with the highlight on the Prätschalp. There, a fantastic view awaits you and invites you to a spontaneous photo shoot.

Hiking route

#4: Weisshorn bear

A not-to-be-missed highlight for all photo enthusiasts is located on the Weisshorn summit, right next to the mountain station. Mighty and unmissable, the Weisshorn bear with its incomparable courage stands as a popular photo point at 2,653 metres above sea level. 

Tip: Take a wishing ribbon and tie it to the Weisshorn bear's fur. 

Weisshorn bear
alparosa-2.jpg | © AlpArosa

#5: AlpArosa

The perfect stopover for a snack in between. Enjoy the magnificent winter panorama on the terrace of the AlpArosa and take the ideal souvenir photo of Arosa directly from the deckchair while enjoying a little refreshment. En Guata!

Eichhoernliweg_Feb2016_029.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

#6: Squirrel Trail

The squirrel trail is undoubtedly the most popular themed trail with families. The fluffy little animals dare to get very close and eat right out of your hand. Perfect for a unique snapshot!

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