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The Lenzerheide Marketing and Support AG

Lenzerheide has set itself the task of making it possible to experience unforgettable moments of life in a unique natural setting. To do this, Lenzerheide Marketing and Support AG (LMS AG) promotes the development of tourism and markets the holiday region on behalf of the destination communities of Lantsch/Lenz, Vaz/Obervaz and Churwalden, as well as third parties, as a year-round, lively holiday, residential, living and working location.  
Ferienregion Lenzerheide | © Ferienregion Lenzerheide

With a clear focus

The strategic direction is clearly focused on four strategic business areas: Alpine snow sports, biking, Nordic (hiking and cross-country skiing) and families. To manifest the competence and credibility in these focus areas, the aim is to regularly organize major international events with a strong communication impact, such as the Ski, Bike, Cross-Country Skiing and Biathlon World Cup.


Next Level Mountain Destination

By using targeted product innovation and convincing experience design, LMS AG orchestrates the top performances of service providers into an authentic overall experience. Together with innovative partners, we are passionate hosts and create authentic and eventful (holiday) stories. Bold and cheeky, yet respectful and sustainable, Lenzerheide positions itself as the «Next Level Mountain Destination».

Marketing all-round package

In addition to tourism marketing (demand development) and the communication of existing offers (guest information), the promotion of guest programmes and events are the central focus. Professional event marketing and media support round off the core competencies of the LMS. For partners and sponsors, LMS offers exciting opportunities - from major international events to targeted marketing cooperation and corporate events

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    in the Lenzerheide holiday region
  • Sonnenuntergang in der Ferienregion Lenzerheide
    A success story then until today
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Board of Directors
Daniel Stiefel – President  
Brigitte Küng – Vice-President 
Nico Pesko – Vice-President   
Felix Frei 
Karin Niederberger 
Romano Paterlini 
Giancarlo Pallioppi 
Bruno Zenklusen 

The Board of Directors of LMS AG comprises a total of eight seats – six of which are occupied by shareholder representatives.

Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG: 1 Seat (Felix Frei)
Lenzerheide Tourismus: 2 Seats (Giancarlo Pallioppi, Nico Pesko) 
Community Vaz/Obervaz: 1 Seat (Romano Paterlini) 
Community Churwalden: 1 Seat (Karin Niederberger) 
Community Lantsch/Lenz: 1 Seat (Bruno Zenklusen) 

Executive Board
Philipp Vassalli – Co-CEO
Marc Schlüssel – Co-CEO

  • The destination plan provides an overview of the projects currently under discussion and the jointly defined strategies of the Lenzerheide destination.
  • The plan serves to ensure that these projects are examined and implemented step by step over the next 5 to 10 years.
  • The plan also shows the strategies and considerations with which Destination Lenzerheide wants to move into the future and the goals that all the players (communities, tourism organization, service providers) want to and should align themselves with in order to be able to pull together.
  • The plan includes a variety of projects that require investment. The release of these funds is done on a project-by-project basis at the time of implementation and is subject to the availability of funds and the approval of the funding parties.
  • The progress of the project development is continuously reviewed under the leadership of the LMS and evaluated with the communities and service providers.

Lenzerheide Marketing und Support AG (LMS AG) is the tourism management organization of the Lenzerheide holiday region. It was established in 2009 by combining the marketing forces of Lenzerheide Tourism (LT) and Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG (LBB AG). This business model was almost unique in Switzerland at the time and is still considered very innovative and worthwhile.

Instead of several small tourism and marketing organizations, the aim of the new organization was to bundle the marketing activities for the entire holiday region of Lenzerheide - from Malix to Brienz/Brinzauls - and to establish a clear positioning for the destination. Then as now, LMS AG formed an essential link within the holiday region with four different municipalities, LBB AG and numerous service providers and partners.  

From tourism marketing organization to tourism management organization

After a first major reorganization with the formation of its own event department in spring 2014, LMS AG was faced with another fundamental reorganization due to the reduction of the service agreement with LBB AG in May 2018. Since then, LMS AG has concentrated primarily on marketing and communicating the holiday region by means of professional campaign planning in the strategic business fields, while the various service providers build and maintain the actual product independently. 

In addition, the information offices in the various villages have also been adapted to the changing information needs of guests recently. Thanks to the good cooperation with the local partners - Roland Arena Lenzerheide, LBB AG, Schweizerische Schneesportschule Lenzerheide, KafiKonsum Parpan and Kiosk Valbella - guests have access to a wide range of contact points with professional expertise.

As part of the performance contracts with the municipalities, LMS AG also continues to manage overarching projects in the area of destination development. To enable a stronger focus in this area, LMS AG decided to take a further development step in November 2021. With the expansion of the Executive Board to three persons as of May 2022, LMS AG is now building on the three corporate divisions «Management, Service and Support». «Marketing, Communication and Events» and «Product and Offer Development», each of which is managed by a member of the Executive Board.

With the new organizational structure, LMS AG is completing the change from a tourism marketing organization to a tourism management organization. In addition to supporting the service providers through active exchange and transfer of expertise, LMS AG also networks the municipalities of Vaz/Obervaz, Churwalden, Lantsch/Lenz and, until 2019, Albula (Brienz/Brinzauls) on topics in the areas of tourism and economic development. In the future, LMS AG also wants to concentrate on topics that go beyond marketing tasks to further develop the destination into a lively holiday, living and working destination all year round.

The close and constructive cooperation within the destination can be seen as a recipe for success for the Lenzerheide holiday region. Together, we can continue to successfully move the Lenzerheide holiday region forward in the future.