Hiking tours and trails in Lenzerheide

Paths to happiness - Active. Meditative. With mountain motif.

The numerous hiking tours in the Lenzerheide holiday region take you through the world-famous Swiss mountain landscape. Plan your individual hiking holidays in Graubünden - and enjoy the anticipation.

Refreshment tip

  • Bergsommer am Heidsee

    Restaurant mit einmaligem Seeblick, naturnahe und lokale Bergküche, Sonnenterrasse, hausgemachte Kuchen. Arven-Chic-Zimmer mit Seesicht.
    Seehof Valbella Werbung

The best hiking tours in Lenzerheide

Our Lenzerheide holiday region is the perfect destination for those who love hiking and enjoying nature. With its majestic mountains and breathtaking scenery, Lenzerheide is a paradise for hikers. No matter which route you choose, it will be one to remember. Pack your hiking boots and explore the hiking trails in the Lenzerheide holiday region.


Guided hiking tours

Discover more together.

Let yourself be inspired by trained and experienced hiking guides. They will bring you even closer to the impressive natural landscape. An educational experience for new hiking adventures. 

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Plan your own hiking tour

Would you like to plan your tour yourself? It's an experience with the Regioportal Arosa Lenzerheide. Use the online planning tool for detailed results. And see your tour in a 3D flight.

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Live and let live

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Code of conduct

Cattle, similar to people, have their own personal space. An animal might feel threatened if this space is invaded. Attacks on humans tend to occur for a reason, and most commonly happen when an animal is trying to protect itself or the herd (in particular their young).

If at all possible, keep your distance from cattle to avoid them becoming agitated. Always move quietly past the animals.

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