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You prefer to plan your tour yourself? The Regioportal Arosa Lenzerheide offers further additional functions to create a tour in detail online. Among other things, 3D flights of the tours can also be viewed.

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Suckler Cows on pastures

Suckler cows spend the summer with their calves on various mountain pastures. The suckler cows, concerned about the protection of their calves, can feel threatened by approaching people and animals. Therefore, certain rules of conduct must be observed.

Rules of conduct (pdf)

Code of conduct

Cattle, similar to people, have their own personal space. An animal might feel threatened if this space is invaded. Attacks on humans tend to occur for a reason, and most commonly happen when an animal is trying to protect itself or the herd (in particular their young).

If at all possible, keep your distance from cattle to avoid them becoming agitated. Always move quietly past the animals.

Mother cows want to protect their calves. They don’t like strangers touching their young. Calves tend to rest hidden away from the herd.

Mother cows always keep an eye on their calves and might react aggressively if they feel that their young are threatened. Never approach or touch a calf.

Cattle perceive dogs as a predator, no matter what their size or appearance. Therefore, they become very protective of their herd.

Keep your dog on a lead. Move quietly, and, if possible, around the herd, avoiding any contact.

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