Secret Garden

Magical moments in the sunset from 22 July to 8 August 2021

The mountain world of the Lenzerheide holiday region forms the backdrop to this music festival in Graubünden. Experience balmy summer evenings with well-known and up-and-coming Swiss music acts on the flower meadow at the Crest'ota mountain inn. Whether as a couple, with the family or with colleagues - in the Secret Garden you will find a cosy spot with national music, regional cuisine and a good glass of wine. Once you're there, you'll want to stay forever.

We welcome the Origen Festival Cultural to the Secret Garden stage. They will perform a play every Wednesday evening.

Impressions Secret Garden 2021

Great moments in the Secret Garden. The atmosphere and the mood enchanted young and old. Let's just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Programme Secret Garden

These musical treats were at Secret Garden 2021 and delighted the audience.

Sina Trio

The Valais dialect singer launches her next project. SINA in kleinFORMAT with the programme «Mondnacht». Sina reduces to the maximum, to the core, to the essence of her music, her stories, her wit. She will fabulate wildly and wittily, make music with relish, always carried by the tried and tested duo Michael Chylewski and Peter Wagner. 

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Spanky Hammers

The passion for the freedom of the open road reflects the style of Spanky Hammers. Whether for truckers, builders, waiters, bankers or young and old - there is something for everyone. The honesty of the music, the feeling of joy, as well as the cohesion of the band additionally puts an infectious stamp on the style. 

Karavann | © Karavann


KARAVANN was brought to life by two busy musicians, Fabian Imper (CH) and Tobias Jensen (DK). The name of the band implies a group of travellers who meet new companions on their way. On their way to 2020, they finally met the newest member of the caravan, South African singer and instrumentalist Byron Spillman. Together, they are working on new music that will be released later this year.

Joya Marleen

This voice erases times and boundaries. Joya Marleen, who is only 18 years old, surprises with incredible warmth and depth. Growing up in St. Gallen in a house full of instruments, she began to use songwriting to tell the world something.

Carole Curty

Carole Curty lives in Zurich, but has her roots in the Fribourg Seeland. She discovered her passion for music at an early age. So, she learned to play the piano and soon her extraordinary voice came to the fore. Whether Carole strikes soft or louder notes - her voice touches and inspires. 

77 Bombay Street Duo (sold out)

The irrepressible desire to spread good vibes and gain the undivided attention of the audience - this has made 77 Bombay Street one of the best live bands in Switzerland over the years. At the Secret Garden Festival, 77 Bombay Street will perform in a duo setup, with Matt and Esra.

Eva Leandra

Disarming voice, feeling for melodies and deeply moving lyrics.

With her depth and early perfection, the artist Eva Leandra is reminiscent of the former British musician Birdy, with whom she also has the piano as her soul instrument in common.


He is an unpolished jewel, a tomboy whose songs emerge directly from the soul world and transport a unique emotional world. ZIAN combines orchestral pop and rock with modern, electronic elements. The elemental power of his voice gives listeners goosebumps moments.

Chris Samuel

The singer/songwriter from Bern has been touring solo since 2018. On stage, he works with a LoopStation. With it, he records different sound loops live and lays them on top of each other. This is how he creates beats, melodies and harmonies. 

Shem Thomas

Saturday, 31 July

After an intense period of writing and producing, Shem Thomas steps back into the spotlight with new music and a new tour. In doing so, he manages to create something of his own with a special blend of organic singer/songwriter pop and urban trap. 


Three chords, a smoky voice and a fat portion of melancholy. The whole thing spiked with 1000 kilos of fervour. An excellent mixture! In a mix of irony and seriousness KAUFMANN tells us in his songs about ups and downs - about mountains and valleys. 

Appenzeller Welttournee | © Appenzeller Welttournee

Appenzeller Welttournee

The «Appenzeller World Tour» brings mountains of sounds and humour to the world, and the whole world to the mountains: Lenzerheide instead of Los Angeles! So, this summer, the tour will take place exclusively in Switzerland.

Simon Enzler, the well-known and sharp-tongued Appenzeller guarantees with profound satire and mischievous cabaret interludes for the rich «träf» and «räss» in the performance. Martin O., the voice acrobat provides with humorous beatbox and loop interludes for an all-around cosmopolitan, multicultural icebreaker and the Appenzeller Echo, now brings instead of Appenzeller music to the world, world music to Switzerland.

Adrian Stern Duo

Over the years Stern found more and more to his own style, no matter if as singer, songwriter, guitarist or producer. He presents his fans handmade, raw singer/songwriter music, unadulterated and coming from the heart.

Rita Roof

Rita Roof is a well-known voice in the Swiss music scene. So far, the Zurich singer has worked in the background with the big Swiss music stars. Now the time has come, and the power woman steps into the spotlight herself.

Meira Loom

Neo-soul singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Meira Loom combines fire and water. With her music, she illuminates hidden corners and lets them shine in neon light.


Dodo is burning to present the songs of the new album «Pass» and his numerous hits live and to spread good vibes. Dodo is a guarantor for "Good Vibes", for sing-along moments and for unforgettable live concerts. 

Anna Rossinelli

Anna Rossinelli's new single «Forevermore» lives on the urge to move. And whoever sets out always leaves behind: people or moments that don't stay or don't come back. But instead of being wistful, the 34-year-old from Basel shows determination and is ready to look ahead. 

Origen Festival Cultural

Every Wednesday (21 July / 28 July / 4 August 2021), the Origen Festival Cultural will be a guest at the Secret Garden. It will surprise young and old with a cheerful commedia on the theme of creation.

Music from the Secret Garden

As we all know, anticipation is the best joy. Get in the mood for the musical festival now and listen through our Spotify playlist. Discover the diverse line-up of the Secret Garden Lenzerheide.

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