Lenzerheide Marketing & Support AG - From formation until today

The Lenzerheide Marketing & Support AG (LMS AG) was founded in August of 2009.
The founding members «Lenzerheide Tourismus» and «Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG» (LBB AG) established their new company on the mountain «Parpaner Rothorn».
On the 1st of November 2009, the LMS AG started off as a innovative and unique business model in Switzerland. From the very start, the company pursued the strategy of a high frequency of events. Besides defining their strategic business segments, the company declared hosting major sporting events in skiing, cross-country skiing, biking and biathlon an essential marketing goal.
 These major sporting events foster the recognition and therefore strenghten the postion of the Lenzerheide holiday region on a national and international basis.
In the past
Ferienregion Lenzerheide | © Ferienregion Lenzerheide

Formation LMS AG

Formation and operational start of Lenzerheide Marketing & Support AG. Founding members are «Lenzerheide Tourismus» and «Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG».


Opening tourist office Lenzerheide

• Opening tourist office Lenzerheide along with mountain railway company und ski school Lenzerheide
 • Opening mountain bike skill center at valley station of Rothorn 
• Realisation FIS Ski World Cup final
•  First  realisation of Lenzerheide Motor Classics


Beginning of common communication campaign as Arosa Lenzerheide

• Opening Lenzerheide Bikepark
• Opening Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide
•  First realisation Lenzerheide Magic Forest
•  First realisation FIS Tour de Ski
• Realisation FIS Ski World Cup final
• Realisation MTB Swiss Championships Cross-country

Urdenbahn im Skigebiet Arosa Lenzerheide | © Arosa Lenzerheide

Reorganisation and and creation of event department and opening connection between Arosa and Lenzerheide

• UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 2015 - 2017 & World Championships 2018 are awarded to Lenzerheide
• Realisation Ski World Cup final
• 12th and last realisation of Graubünden Marathon

urdenbahn-sommer-panorama.jpg | © Arosa Lenzerheide

Start branding process Arosa Lenzerheide

• Redistribution of shares of LMS AG including municipalities of Vaz/Obervaz and Churwalden
• Realisation UCI Mountain Bike World Cup
• Opening Portal Churwalden & chairlift Obertor (east-west-connection)


Implementation corporate design/identity Arosa Lenzerheide

• Realisation FIS Tour de Ski
• Realisation FIS Ski World Cup Women
• Realisation UCI Mountain Bike World Cup


Development Bike Masterplan 2.0

• Realisation UCI Mountain Bike World Cup
• 17th & last realisation Bike Attack
• FIS Ski World Cup Final 2021 is awarded to Lenzerheide
• Realisation FIS Tour de Ski


Launch arosalenzerheide.swiss

• Reogranisation from product management to campaign planning 
• Development of a destination based marketing strategy focused on digitalisation, communication and event management
• Realisation FIS Ski World Cup Women
• First realisation LIVE is LIFE
• Realisation UCI Mountain Bike World Championships

Bike Kingdom Tommy G bei Sonnenaufgang | © Sterling Lorence Photography

Conception Bike Kingdom

• Redistribution of shares in LMS AG incl. the local community of Lantsch/Lenz
• Realisation UCI Mountain Bike World Cup
• First realisation Swiss Epic
• Realisation FIS Tour de Ski


Opening Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide

• Formation «Corona Taskforce»
• Launching #entdeckelenzerheide
• Hosting IBU Youth & Junior World Championships Biathlon
• Cancellation or postponement of major events due to COVID-19 pandemic
• 1st edition of the Secret Garden


New brand world Lenzerheide

• Nino Schurter new ambassador of the Bike Kingdom
• Conception and implementation of new brand world for Lenzerheide, in close coordination with new brand world for Arosa and Arosa Lenzerheide
• Changeover to a "you" culture
• FIS Ski World Cup finals
• Staging of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup
• Staging of the FIS Tour de Ski


Expansion of management

• Establishment of the site development department
• FIS Ski World Cup Women with Luana Bergamin as new OC President


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