Childrens facilities and family slopes

Play. Movement. Creativity.

The children's facilities Auarara, Fastatsch and Heimberg are easy to reach. And the terrain is only slightly sloping - so learning is fun. Almost all children's facilities are free of charge.

Childrens facilities – skiing through play

Figures and tracks

In the children's facilities, skiing suddenly becomes very easy. Between the figures, the first turns in the snow are easy.

Kinderland Kulmwiese (Inner Arosa)
Kinderland (Inner-Arosa)
Kinderland Maran
Auarara Kinderland
Kinderland Heimberg
Auarara Wellen- & Muldenbahn
Kinderland Churwalden
Last update: 29.05.2022, 13:19

Family Slopes

Being there is everything

Looking for a family slope? Come to the Heidbüel/Scalottas side of the valley. The family slope Madlainas No. 45 is located at the Tgantieni chairlift. And on the far right from the top station to the Stätzertäli valley station, the Stätzertäli chairlift takes you to the Safari slope, No. 73. The Riedboden slope, No. 73a, is also located there - on the far right from the top station to the Stätzertäli valley station.

New: Globi's ski slope in Lenzerheide

Slope 45

Globi can now also be found on the slopes in Lenzerheide in winter. On family slope no. 45, directly on the Tgantieni, a Globi slope will be created for the 2021/22 winter season. Globi will explain the rules of the slope, various techniques and is guaranteed to make sure you have fun.

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