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Experience adventures together in the Lenzerheide holiday region

Discover the diverse range of sports, culture and culinary delights in the Lenzerheide holiday region. Whether you are planning an eventful company outing, a convivial club trip or a romantic wedding. The possibilities for groups are unlimited. Be surprised!
There’s no suitable offer for you? No problem! Tell us your wishes and we will do our utmost to implement your ideas.

Experience unforgettable moments in Arosa Lenzerheide. We are looking forward to your visit!


The Lenzerheide holiday region offers groups, clubs or companies the opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of the mountains of Graubünden together. Be inspired by our group experiences and strengthen your team spirit in the fresh air with us in the Lenzerheide holiday region. We look forward to your visit.

Aerial tramway Rothorn | © Rolf Siegenthaler | © Rolf Siegenthaler

Your exclusive evening event on the mountain

Experience your very personal team excursion or customer event. Book an exclusive mountain railway journey, for example to the Rothorn summit and enjoy a delicious dinner at the panoramic restaurant with a  breathtaking view over the mountains. 

Or treat yourself to an evening in the Scharmoin mountain restaurant, where the mountain railways will take you comfortably to your chosen restaurant and back down to the valley. Price on request.

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Aerial tramway Rothron | © Rolf Siegenthaler | © Rolf Siegenthaler

A look behind the scenes of Lenzerheide Bergbahnen

Learn thrilling background information from a member of the mountain railway company. The meeting point is always at the middle station Scharmoin. A first possible tour can take place at 9.00 am, a last possible tour at 2.00 pm, duration around two hours.

Groups of more than 20 people will be divided into two subgroups.
Cost for the guided tour (without mountain railway tickets): CHF 200.00.

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Get ready for the Bike Kingdom!

In our intensive course, you will learn everything you always wanted to know about riding techniques on a mountain bike. We master hairpin bends, steep ascents and descents and overcome obstacles of varying degrees of difficulty.

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Pradaschier adventure mountain | © Christian Ritz | © Christian Ritz

Pradaschier adventure mountain

Experience a varied trip on the adventure mountain Pradaschier. In the rope park there are three courses with different levels of difficulty, where you can test your skills. Also the physical well-being is taken care of: Enjoy in the mountain restaurant Pradaschier a common lunch, before you whiz in rapid or comfortable speed on the toboggan run back into the valley.

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Foxtrail Lenzerheide | © Johannes Fredheim

Scavenger Hunt in the Team

Foxtrail, the most exciting scavenger hunt in Switzerland, is also available in the mountains of Lenzerheide. To not lose the fox's scent, teams have to work together to crack codes, decipher underwater messages and navigate waterfalls. But beware, the clues left by the fox require a lot of cleverness and team spirit!

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Biathlon introductory courses | © Johannes Fredheim

Biathlon Group Hits

One for all, all for one!

Biathlon fascinates. Biathlon moves. Experience the fascination of biathlon with your club, company or friends. The Roland Arena offers individual social programmes, accommodation and catering on site in summer and winter. Our group hits are the ideal complement to a meeting or leisure programme in our Lenzerheide holiday region.

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Parpan Alpine Dairy | © Johannes Fredheim | © Ferienregion Lenzerheide


Exciting group experiences are offered on a guided tour of the Vaz/Obervaz Museum or the meat drying plant. Visit the alpine cheese dairy, a modern alpine milk processing facility in a barn that is over 100 years old, and let yourself be inspired by the craft of cheese making.

Alpkäserei Parpan | © Johannes Fredheim

Guided tour of the alpine cheese dairy

Learn more about the history of origins, the cheese dairy and alpine farming.
You will learn the basics of cheese-making and can taste the products.

Larger apéritifs or a fondue or raclette chat are also available on request.

Only available in German.

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Cheese delight | © Johannes Fredheim | © Johannes Fredheim

Cheese delight at the Alp-Tavern

On request, interested groups can also be offered apéritifs and meals using the company's own cheese products.

  • Parpaner Raclette à discrétion
  • Alpine fondue fun
  • Cheese and meat plates
  • Alpine cheese salsiz with bread
  • Alpine cheese slices with bread
  • Meringues with cream

Only available in German.

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Brügger Parpan | © Johannes Fredheim | © Johannes Fredheim

Visit the dried meat factory of the Brügger family in Parpan

You can expect exciting stories about the craft handed down for four generations and a tasting of the popular Bündner Trockenfleisch specialities. The guided tour can be conducted with groups of 12 to 40 people.

Tariff incl. subsequent «Marenda»:
from CHF 25.00 per person

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Bischi Meat Drying Factory

Visiting the traditional meat drying factory.

According to old recipes, purely naturally dried products without chemical and technical aids are produced here. Only meat from the region. Craftsmanship with tradition.

Duration: about 1.5 hours
Programme: Tour at the natural dryer, followed by a tasting of the natural products.

Only available in German.

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Ortsmuseum Vaz/Obervaz

Museum Vaz/Obervaz

In the rooms of the former Capuchin hospice and the associated stable, the local museum documents the history of the extensive municipality of Vaz/Obervaz with the health resorts of Lenzerheide and Valbella.

Guided tours of the Vaz/Obervaz Museum in Zorten can be booked for groups by appointment at any time.
Duration: approx. 1.5 hours.

Only available in German.

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Gemeinsames Backen im Backhaus Zorten | © Pastroin Zorten | © Pastroin Zorten

Baking together

The «Pastroin Zorten» is the last surviving bakery in the municipality of Vaz/Obervaz that is still in use today. Bread is still baked in the «Pastroin Zorten».

Interested groups are welcome to bake together in the Pastroin.

Maximum number of participants: 20

  • Children CHF 12.00
  • Adults CHF 18.00

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Adventure Game im Valbella Resort | © das neves photography


Who will solve the riddle of the secret time capsule?

The Valbella Resort is the setting for a mysterious adventure game. In this detective game, there are twelve different puzzles to solve and three locks to pick. All players who solve the puzzle have the chance to win a holiday voucher at the end of the season.

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Information about the Adventure Game

It is said that many decades ago a farmer's wife hid a legendary time capsule where the Valbella Resort now stands. Until now, the hiding place of the time capsule has not been found. Many adventurers and treasure hunters have tried to crack the riddle of the secret time capsule and failed.
Most recently, Raphael, a Portuguese porter, set out to find the time capsule about 20 years ago.

The story goes that he was successful at the time, but then had to rush back to his family in Portugal and left the hiding place, encoded for safety in - literally - twelve riddles, for the hotel director at the time.

While cleaning up the resort's archives, the Valbella Resort team came across Raphael's secretary, his notebook, an ominous briefcase and all kinds of other strange objects.

Could it still be possible to solve the mystery of the secret time capsule? For safety's sake, all the furniture, objects and utensils from the archive were put away in a separate room. But how are the notes, locked suitcases, chests and bags connected?
One thing is certain, the Valbella Resort team has too much to do to devote itself to this task and needs help.
Can you crack the riddles and locks and find the hiding place of the time capsule?

The players receive a key to the room in which the furniture, objects and utensils that could be connected to the mystery of the secret time capsule were collected. There they will find all kinds of clues to crack the twelve riddles and three locks that Raphael used to encrypt the hiding place of the time capsule. All players who have successfully solved the puzzle will take part in a raffle and have the chance to win a holiday voucher at the end of the season.

Price CHF 25.00 per group or family | Valbella Resort guests free of charge
Group size 4 to 6 persons
Pre-registration required +41 81 385 08 08 (appointments must be made)
Playing time approx. two hours
Age recommendation from 12 years (Children are only allowed if accompanied by an adult)
Casoja group house | © Lenzerheide holiday region | © Ferienregion Lenzerheide


The Lenzerheide holiday region offers many group accommodations for your individual group stay. Find suitable accommodations and experience unforgettable moments in the mountains of Graubünden. We look forward to your visit!

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