Cross-country skiing with children

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Cross-country skiing and biathlon are not for children? Not at all! Whether in a trailer or even on the narrow slats - in the Lenzerheide holiday region there are various options for the whole family. Cross-country skiing is also a family affair in Lenzerheide.
Langlaufen für Kinder | © Johannes Fredheim

Cross-country skiing with children – good to know

No question, children always want to be with you everywhere. Sports activities like cross-country skiing are no exception. However, there are certain points you should bear in mind when taking the family on a cross-country skiing trip to Lenzerheide.

When a child is ready for the cross-country trail is entirely individual: depending on how athletic he or she is, whether he or she can already ski and how much stamina he or she has. But basically it makes sense from the age of four.

You want to take your child with you before four? Then it's no problem in a trailer.

For children, it is clearly classic. Because of the similarity to normal running, children quickly find confidence.

Children up to and including the age of 16 may use the cross-country ski trails in the Lenzerheide holiday region free of charge, and there is no need to purchase a cross-country ski trail pass.

Especially in cross-country skiing, children learn differently than adults. First things first: Never go on a long tour with children! That would only frustrate them. They learn exclusively by observing, not by explaining. Playfully romp in the snow, kick small figures and incorporate small descents. Children feel comfortable in a group with their peers and like to take advantage of opportunities to make friends. They are therefore in good hands in the children's (taster) courses.

If your child can already walk completely on their own, the focus is on choosing the right trail. But what if they can't yet hold on for long or are still in the pram? There are various solutions for this too.

Children's ski harness - Pull. Braking. Steering. The children's leash as used in alpine skiing is also available for cross-country skiing.

Skids or sledges - there are suitable skids for certain prams that can be easily put on. The classic variant is a simple wooden sledge. Strap on. Strap on. Off you go.

Rent cross-country skiing equipment for children

Yes, there is cross-country skiing equipment for children and no, you don't need to try it with alpine equipment. It's torture for the children. Cross-country skis are proportionally wider and shorter than those for adults. Rule of thumb for children: ski length equals body height and the poles up to under the armpits at the most.

You can find cross-country skiing equipment for children in the following shops:

The right trails for children

The choice of trail quickly determines the child's frustration or joy, and is therefore central. It should not be too long or too difficult, but it should be varied. Children enjoy challenges in the form of hills and curves. It also helps to set small intermediate goals or even a scavenger hunt on the trail.


Cross Country Skills Park

Rock the Roland Arena

At the Cross Country Skills Park, you'll learn specific exercises, key movements and core skills.

Children and young adults in particular like to let off steam in the Skills Park. With its family-friendly concept, the Skills Park is also an attractive winter playground.

Alternative programme for children