Globi in Lenzerheide - where else?

Funny. Legendary. Familiar.

Cheerful, courageous, resourceful - everyone knows Globi. But where is his home? Here. Come and visit him, he shows children and families the best places. Always follow the yellow beak.

Globi Hiking trail

Fun, games and excitement

The Globi Trail, newly opened in 2018, comprises a total of 13 stations. You will learn about Globi topics such as nature and technology in a playful way. Games, fun and exciting adventures await you everywhere. The route is designed to keep things lively for children. The new start is at the Val Sporz valley station. There you take the chairlift to the Tgantieni mountain station. You've already arrived at the first post.


Holidays with Globi

Stories. Gifts. Globi Set.

The Globi Set turns your family holiday into an exciting adventure. A gripping story, great additional services and a small gift for the children are also included.

The Globi Set replaces the Globi Package of previous years and is even more flexible. The set can be booked independently of the accommodation and the length of stay. You choose the accommodation, the length of stay and what you would like to visit and when. Visit Globi at his home in the Lenzerheide holiday region and go on an exciting discovery tour with him.
The Globi Set is recommended for stays of three days or more.

Book the Globi Set right now with or without a mountain railways ticket for the whole family and discover exciting stories and experiences with Globi.

Details about the set

The following services are included in the package:

The Globi Set is not tied to any specified accommodations. Whether in a hotel, in a holiday flat or visiting friends; the set can be booked online regardless of the accommodation or purchased directly at the Lenzerheide Tourist Office.



Globi organises your children's party. Great entertainment and exciting activities await you. You take the chairlift to Tgantieni, from where you hike along the Globi Trail. The little party guests will go crazy. Will Globi come too? Of course he will.

Programme and Rate

On 20 July 2022 and 3 August 2022, Globi invites you to his own big children's party. Experience adventure, fun and funny activities. From the Tgantieni mountain station, you hike along the Globiweg circular trail back to the starting point. After refreshments, take the chairlift back down to the valley.

  • Programme: 10.00 am to 3.00 pm Childrens party Tgantieni
Globi Kinderprogramm | © Sundroina Pictures

Globi childrens programme

Would you like to spend your summer holidays with Globi? Then you've come to the right place in Lenzerheide. From 11 July to 12 August 2022, a dedicated team of leaders offers children between the ages of five and twelve a varied Globi Childrens programme with lots of fun and games. Among other things, you will experience a day of hunting in Graubünden, a day with the fire brigade and the police, Indian days with an overnight stay or learn how to make healing ointment. For the lunch break, we ask the children to bring their lunch and a water bottle in a rucksack. We are happy to provide a healthy snack and syrup.

Are you interested? We are excited to meet you!

Globi live in Lenzerheide | © Sundroina Pictures

Meet Globi

Cheerful, brave, resourceful - it's clear that Globi is at home in Lenzerheide. Come and meet Globi with us in Lenzerheide. Where and when? Find out here.

Globi radio plays

You want to listen to Globi now? Or on the road? Then look for him on Spotify. There, we have compiled the best Globi stories on a playlist. Listen in and go on an adventure with Globi.

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