Cross-country skiing for beginners

Fall down. Get up. Stay cool.

You want to venture onto the narrow slats and glide smoothly over the trails in Lenzerheide? With the following tips and tricks, you'll cut a fine figure right from the start. Learning cross-country skiing is not rocket science and can be learned easily.
cross country skiing in Lenzerheide | © Hannah Bichay

Why you should definitely learn cross-country skiing

  • It's fun and relaxing all at once.
  • It decelerates. You can enjoy nature fully.
  • As grandma said: fresh air is good for you!
  • You don't need any previous experience.
  • The risk of accidents in Nordic Cruising is rather low.
  • It keeps you fit!

Learn cross-country skiing - very easy in Lenzerheide

Don't worry, cross-country skiing is not difficult and you can learn it too. We'll help you get started with cross-country skiing and have a few tips and tricks ready for you. So, on the slats, ready, go.

The most important tips at a glance

Take it slow! To learn cross-country skiing and stay injury-free, you should increase your speed gradually. Your body first has to get used to the new movements.

Learn the classic technique first and skating later! No master has ever fallen from the sky, so it's better to take it step by step - that's how the pros learned it.

Set small goals! This way you can motivate yourself and cross-country skiing remains exciting for you.

Keep at it! Even if not everything works the way you want it to. Regular training will always make you better. So: practice, practice, practice!

Enjoy it! The most important rule at the end: Enjoy nature and the good air and have fun - that is more important than any perfection of technique.

Tips and tricks for beginners

Probably the most common question that beginners ask themselves. Which technique is better suited for the start, or which of them is easier? For the start, the classic technique is usually recommended. If you are an experienced inline skater or skater with a solid basic condition, you can try the skating technique right away. Regardless of your sport experience, «one thing at a time» applies: concentrate on one technique first and don't try to learn both at the same time.

For the beginning, you are well advised to rent the right cross-country ski set. This way you can test different possibilities and quickly realize whether the sport suits you or not. The sports shops in the holiday region will be happy to support and advise you in your choice.

Breathable sportswear is essential. If you choose the wrong clothing, you will quickly start to sweat and get tired or even sick. When choosing clothes, pay attention to these three factors:

Moisture Balance: breathability is a must! Good materials for cross-country skiing are merino wool, synthetic fibres and softshell fabrics.

Room to move: pants and top or jacket should fit so that there is enough room to move. Clothing that is too tight restricts your movement.

Water and wind protection: Even if you won't be racing down the track at 80 km/h, your clothing should protect you from wind and water or snow. But please do not unpack your ski suit!

Do you have a bike or jogging equipment for the winter? Then this fits wonderfully. Don't forget gloves, headband, or cap and sunglasses.

To start your career on narrow slats, we recommend you take a cross-country course. This will give you valuable tips on skiing technique and equipment and give you a good feeling right from the start. Whether it's an introductory course, private lessons or a beginner's course in a group: our cross-country ski schools have the right offer for you.

No master has ever fallen from the sky, and all beginnings are difficult. But have fun learning and enjoy nature, fresh air and exercise. Even if you don't cut a perfect figure on your first day – you've still earned that coffee afterwards.

Flat sections of trails are best suited for entry. We have a few of these, even though the masted cross-country trail network is quite couped. These trails are optimal:

  • Roland Arena stadium circuit in Lantsch/Lenz.
  • Between St. Cassian and the golf course
  • Luziuswiese, Lenzerheide (entrance opposite the ice field)
  • Along the Heidsee lake, Canols Valbella kiosk
  • Triangle circuit, Parpan

Improve your running technique thanks to slalom poles, jumps, and steep wall curves in the Cross-Country Skill Park in the Roland Arena.

Follow these ten rules and no one will know you've just started:

  1. Be considerate of other trail users.
  2. Respect markings and signs and always run in the direction indicated and in the running technique intended for the respective trail.
  3. The right-hand «drive» rule also applies to cross-country skiing. On double and multiple tracks, choose the right-hand lane. If you are skiing in a group, you all ski in the right-hand lane behind each other. On the skating track, you must also skate on the right.
  4. You may overtake on the right or left. The skier in front of you does not have to give way, but should do so if possible.
  5. If there is oncoming traffic, swerve to the right and give the departing cross-country skier the right of way.
  6. When overtaking and meeting other skiers, keep your poles close to your body.
  7. You adapt your speed and behaviour to your ability, the terrain, traffic density and visibility. You make sure that the safety distance is sufficient.
  8. Want a short break? If you stop, you step off the track. This also applies after a fall. Please clear the track as quickly as possible.
  9. In case of an accident, you help because you know your duty.
  10. In case of an accident, give your personal details. No matter whether you are involved, affected or a witness.

The right trails for beginners

Flat sections of trail are best suited for beginners. To help you get started, we have marked suitable trails for beginners on a map.

Everything for your first cross-country skiing attempts