Hiking in Lenzerheide

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In Lenzerheide, hikers, trail runners and nature lovers discover varied hiking trails, fragrant Alpine meadows and the sparkling Heidsee amidst the impressive mountain panorama. The Lenzerheide holiday region offers breezy mountain peaks, scenic panoramic routes and entertaining theme trails. Many cozy fire pits, rustic huts or the numerous restaurants on the mountain and in the village invite you to linger. In addition, the ice-cold mountain streams or the idyllic Heidsee provide for a refreshing cooling.

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On the network of paths with the yellow signposts proceed hiking trails. Those are additionally signalled with green, square hash signs and show the best offers in our hiking region. In addition, numerous other trails are waiting to be explored.

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Deficiencies in hiking trails

During your hike in Arosa Lenzerheide, you have noticed defects on hiking trails or signposts? Please report the defects under the following link. By doing so, you will help us to continue to ensure a high quality of hiking trails. Thank you very much!

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Music for hiking

We have put together the right music for your hiking tour on Spotify. Let the sounds guide you and take you to the mountains of Graubünden.

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