Fairy tale in the forest – Your journey into the world of fantasy

Fairy tales. Fantasy. Family.

From 14 July to 11 August 2022, the summer is all about fairy tales. Every Thursday afternoon, storytellers will take the whole family on a journey into the world of fantasy. The fairy tales are told in the middle of nature. Let your imagination fly. Whether big or small, young or old, fairy tale in the forest inspires everyone.


Travel into different fairytale worlds at fairytale in the forest and meet witches, dwarfs and giants. Let yourself be enchanted and enjoy the magical atmosphere around the fairytale stage.

14. Juli 2022
Jolanda Steiner | © Jolanda Steiner

Jolanda Steiner


Jolanda Steiner takes us on an exciting fantasy journey into fairyland.
The vocal acrobat, much praised by the press, tells fairy tales in an enchanting, atmospheric and refreshing way, spiced with a pinch of humour. Her tales, created with percussion instruments, are also excellent for younger children.

We travel with her through wonderful worlds, meet muzzled dwarfs, huzzled giants, brave princesses, darned witches, pawsome princes, laughing trees and others.

And as always, Jolanda Steiner has her treasure chest of fairytales in her luggage.

Let her surprise you! 

Suitable for all from 4 years, younger children, please accompany by an adult.


21. Juli 2022

Lorenz Pauli

Big stories for little ears 

Lorenz Pauli comes and tells what he can: about Juri in July. Maybe about the competition at the pond. Or about Rigo and Rosa. It doesn't matter! He always balances between children's everyday life and fantasy. And his stories become a living theatre.  

Pauli is not yet revealing what he will tell. A bit of secrecy is part of it. But he promises: «There will be plenty to laugh and smile about.»

The Bernese stories that the narrator and author will bring along will suit children from the age of 5 and their adults.  

Pauli online: www.lorenz-pauli.ch

28. Juli 2022
Caroline Capiaghi | © Caroline Capiaghi

Caroline Capiaghi 

Royal Children & Wild Animals

Fairytale journey with alphorn magic

With her powerful story programme, Carolina exhilarates, inspires and touches people young and old. We fly through the fairytale world with magic birds, meet a talking fox and with courage and wit we outwit a wolf and return home with a precious treasure.

Narrator: Caroline Capiaghi www.erzaehlerin.ch

Alphorn players: Musikgesellschaft Obervaz/Lenzerheide

4. August 2022
Jolanda Steiner | © Jolanda Steiner

Jolanda Steiner and Martin Soom

Fairytale magic

Jolanda Steiner and Martin Soom create a special experience for young and old with fairy tales, music, and magic.  

Refreshing, humorous and with the inclusion of nature, they take us on a wonderful journey into the world of fairy tales. Martin Soom has the magic suitcase, the accordion, and the guitar in his luggage, Jolanda Steiner countless percussion instruments. And as always: the treasure chest from fairytale land. Simsalabim, what's in it this time? Let us surprise you.

Suitable for all from 4 years, younger children, please accompany by an adult.


11. August 2022
Roland Schwab | © Roland Schwab

Roland Schwab

Roland Schwab was on the road with Leierchischte for 17 successful years. Since 2017, he has been on the road again under his own name. He is happy to present his new, interactive and entertaining solo programme to a curious audience. It includes new songs as well as old hits such as «Rega Song», «Chla Bu Bu Blues», «Chnopf uf em Chopf» and «Füürwehr».


Fairy tales | © Riccardo Götz

More Information

A few facts before the fantasy journey. Then you can dive into a fantastic world full of mythical creatures and thrilling stories.

Frequently asked questions

In case of bad weather will take place in the forest at the Hotel Schweizerhof.

If it is not possible to hold the event outside, we will inform you 24 hours in advance on this website.

Mobile toilets are available at the outdoor venue. The stage is located in a clearing with seating on wooden benches or on the ground. We recommend appropriate clothing.

Food and drinks will not be provided.


Fairytale in the forest takes place in Valbella, in the area of Station West (east-west connection).


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