Music & Fairytale in the Forest Lenzerheide

Listen to stories in the middle of the forest

On four Thursday afternoons in July and August, you can immerse yourself in an imaginative world of fairytales in Lenzerheide. The artists tell fantastic stories and entertain you with atmospheric songs to sing along to.

Information and dates

Fairytale and Music in the Forest will take place on the following four Thursday afternoons:

  • Thursday, 11 July 2024
  • Thursday, 18 July 2024
  • Thursday, 25 July 2024
  • Thursday, 8 August 2024

The event starts at 2.30 pm and admission is at 2.00 pm. Fairytale in the Forest lasts about one hour.

Fairytale in the Forest | © Riccardo  Götz


Listen to exciting fairy tales in the forest in Lenzerheide. Get your ticket now for "Fairytales and music in the Forest"

Programme «Music & Fairytale in the Forest»

With musical sounds and imaginative stories, the artists will once again captivate you at this year's «Music and Fairytale in the Forest» in the Lenzerheide holiday region. Come up and let yourself be enchanted.

11 July 2024

«The adventures of Subu»

We embark on an adventurous journey with Subu, the youngest son of the chief. We see how he frees wild animals and reaches the moon thanks to their friendship. But does he manage to pick the moon flower, which is guarded by a giant snake?

A melodious, exciting, visually rich fairytale journey with Caroline Capiahi and Mario Giovanoli.

Caroline Capiaghi's lively storytelling is musically framed and spun along by multi-instrumentalist Mario Giovanoli.

18 July 2024
Märli im Wald Lenzerheide | © Ferienregion Lenzerheide

«Hansofechächeli, Nidelgret and the helpful Bergmandli»

Forgotten songs & stories from Switzerland - newly arranged — presented in a heart-warming way.

With Vera Kaa (vocals) Jolanda Steiner (narration, percussion) Greg Galli (piano, vocals)


25 July 2024

Orlando's journey

It tells the humorous story of the old VW bus Orlando, who plucks up all his courage and sets off on his first big journey to find his fortune. He is accompanied by the curious girl Emma and the cloud Liv, who for once doesn't want to go with the wind. 

On his journey, Orlando realises that friendships are indispensable, that foreign countries and cultures are enriching and that there is always a way out of dead ends. 


8 August 2024

Jolanda Steiner, Raymond Fein with Band

The youngest miller's son is disappointed. His brothers have inherited their father's mill. He only gets the tomcat. But suddenly the tomcat begins to speak and promises the miller's son happiness and wealth. And all the tomcat needs is a pair of red leather boots.

A varied programme with wonderful sounds, movement input and songs to sing along to.

Jolanda Steiner narrates the fairy tale and is musically supported by entertainer Raymon Fein, keyboard virtuoso Dave Ruosch, drummer and percussionist Mario von Holten and jazzy saxophonist Duke Seidmann.

Location Fairytale in the Forest

Music and Fairytale in the Forest takes place by the chairlift of the East and West Link in Parpan and is also easily accessible with a pram. From the bus stop and from the Obertor/Heimberg car park, the Fairytale in the Forest can be reached on foot in about ten minutes.

Event partner


Sabine Batiste
Event Manager