Hiking in autumn

In autumn, the mountain world is transformed into a special play of colours.

Autumn is the time for hiking. The mountains around Lenzerheide show their most beautiful side. The view is clear and the air is fresh - a dream. We have put together the best autumn hikes in the Lenzerheide holiday region for you.

Tipps für deinen Herbst in den Bergen

Der Herbst ist die schönste Zeit zum Wandern. Die schönen Herbsttage eignen sich ideal für Wanderungen in und um Lenzerheide. Damit deine Wanderung unvergesslich wird, haben wir ein paar Tipps für dich.

Bergwanderung Alp Sanaspans Lenzerhorn | © Sundroina Pictures

The weather

Autumn is more than dull and wet, because in autumn the weather is more stable than in the summer months. Beautiful and warm days in autumn are not uncommon.

Inform yourself well about the weather situation before you set off. If the weather forecast is bad, there is a risk not only of rain showers but also of snow.

Current weather

The right clothes

From cold to warm - autumn has both. Therefore, dress in layers and take dry spare clothes with you so that your body doesn't get cold.

A hat and gloves should also be in your hiking rucksack.

Wandern in Lenzerheide | © Sundroina Pictures

Good footwear

Good hiking boots are the be-all and end-all when hiking. A good grip in wet conditions and snowfields is essential. 

Good hiking boots should also be waterproof, as the ground is wetter in autumn. Pack dry socks in case your feet get wet anyway.

Restaurant Piz Scalottas | © Restaurant Piz Scalottas

The catering

In autumn, many alpine huts are already in summer sleep. Find out in advance which mountain restaurants are open and pack enough food yourself.

Some mountain huts are only open in good weather.


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