39th Planoiras Folk Cross-Country Skiing Race

The traditional cross-country race in Lenzerheide

Test yourself on 25 fantastic and interesting kilometres (or 13 km for the Planoirino) through the snow-covered winter landscape of the Lenzerheide holiday region between the Roland Arena in Lantsch/Lenz and Parpan. Over 400 participants from all over Europe take part every year.

Planoiras 2024 – 14 January 2024



Alle Informationen werden denmächst hier publiziert. Die Anmeldung wird ab Ende Oktober geöffnet sein. Hab also noch ein bisschen Geduld. Wir freuen uns bist du im 2024 auch wieder mit dabei. 

Review 38th Planoiras Folk Cross-Country Skiing Race

The Planoiras took place on a 5-kilometre course and the Planoirino on a 4-kilometre course in the "Roland Arena" Lenzerheide. First the prologue took place in individual start, the participants of the Planoiras had to run twice 5-kilometres on the selective course. Based on the overall ranking, the finals were held in a block start (10 participants) and with a one-minute start interval.  

In the prologue, Curdin Räz from the Engadine won the men's race with a lead of about 15 seconds over Toni Livers and 17 seconds over Kevin Marc Camathias. Severin Bässler, Livio Bieler, Mario Bässler, Sven Buholzer, Swiss-Loppet leader Ricky Steinauer, Yannick Bässler and Ilan Pittier came in second. The top ten of the prologue then battled it out for the day's victory. Toni Livers' years of competition experience prevailed and he was able to keep the two 17-year younger Curdin Räz and Ricky Steinauer at bay. So the Graubünden celebrated a double victory. With Kevin Marc Camathias, who won the St. Cassianlauf a week ago in fifth place, and Livio Bieler from Bonaduz in ninth place, two more Graubünden skiers placed in the top ten. Robin Bläsi, 17, from Heidner, did very well and finished in an excellent 12th place. "This race with this mode was great fun. It can't replace the original run, but we are so grateful to the organisers for holding the race. I was a bit nervous," Toni Livers confessed in the winner's interview.  

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