The 10 most beautiful photo spots in Lenzerheide

Bucket list for the best memories of your holidays in Switzerland

Are you looking for the best and somewhat different photo spots in Grison? In addition to the natural photo spots, the Lenzerheide holiday region has «Lenzerheide photo spots» where you can put yourself in the best light. Alone, together, with or without sports equipment: the possibilities are endless. Fun and a good picture are almost guaranteed. Discover the most beautiful photo spots, shoot your pictures and show them to the world with #lenzerheidefotospots.

Photo spot 1: Sanaspans waterfall

This waterfall in Lenzerheide will take your breath away – and surprise you.

The stony surfaces create a unique backdrop. The many small caves are waiting for you to visit them.

At this photo spot, the diversity of your creativity is almost limitless.  

Zum Wasserfall

Photo spot 2: Val Meltger suspension bridge

Snow is fascinating, but also powerful. The Lenzerhorn and the Piz Linard have already sent avalanches through the gorge. You can find out what masses are moved on the Val Meltger suspension bridge in Lenzerheide. It is twelve metres high – so that you can safely cross the ravine at any time. Lai la Villa is another nearby photo spot.

Zur Hängebrücke

Photo spot 3: Paunt dalla Dieschma

Historical engineering in Lenzerheide. The Paunt della Dieschema is your bridge to another time. It supported trade routes until the 19th century. It bridges a topographical obstacle. Thanks to the art of engineering, it overarches encroachments of nature. First mentioned in 1597, it still defies time and offers a great photo opportunity.

Zur historischen Brücke
Loop | © Sundroina-Pictures

Photo spot 4: The Loop – Wooden Loop

A staged photo spot where you can shoot yourself in action. Thanks to this installation, you too can do a loop. Whether by bike or on foot, it's up to you. All you have to do is turn the picture 180° and crop it a bit. You can find «The Loop» in summer at the Skill centre at the Rothorn valley station.

Fotospot: The Loop
Stairway to heaven | © Sundroina-Pictures

Photo spot 5: Stairway to Heaven

The «Stairway to Heaven» is located directly at Heidsee near the Canols kiosk.

A mirrored staircase that lets you float when photographed from the right perspective. Can you create the perfect illusion?

Stairway to Heaven
Burgruine Belfort in der Ferienregion Lenzerheide | © Ferienregion Lenzerheide

Photo spot 6: Belfort castle ruins

Embedded in the fabulous nature of Grison, you will find the memory of the 13th century. A dreamlike backdrop for the perfect photos. At the same time, you can enjoy the panorama over the Albula Valley.

Zur Burgruine Belfort

Photo spot 7: Sunset on the Churer Joch

You can easily reach the Churer Joch from Parpan or Churwalden. Once you have arrived, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Alpine City Chur, the Calanda massif and the Arosa mountain range. At sunset, the atmosphere is particularly special – perfect for your next Instagram post.

Fotospot Churer Joch
Sonnenaufgang auf dem Rothorn Ostgipfel oberhalb Lenzerheide | © Urban Engel Perspectiva

Photo spot 8: Rothorn Sunrise

Early, before the day begins in Lenzerheide, you take the cable car to the Parpaner Rothorn. From the mountain station, you take a short mountain path to the east summit. From there you have a 360° view of the surrounding panorama and can count 1001 mountain peaks. There are no better conditions for the perfect photo.

Rothorn Sunrise buchen
Lenzerheide Vogelperspektive | © Sundroina Pictures/Ferienregion Lenzerheide

Photo spot 9: Lake Heidsee Lenzerheide

One of the most popular photo motifs in the Lenzerheide holiday region is the Heidsee. The possibilities are numerous; action shots at the water sports centre, photos from a bird's eye view when paragliding or playing with the perspectives with the reflections. Let your creativity run free for the perfect photo.

Heidsee, Freibad, Wassersport
Speichersee und Heidsee im Sommer in Lenzerheide | © Sundroina Pictures/Ferienregion Lenzerheide

Photo spot 10: Valos reservoir

The reflections in the turquoise Valos reservoir in Lenzerheide are a dream for anyone who likes to take photos. The Lenzerhorn and the fir trees in the background provide an ideal contrast. But the lake can also be seen from higher up. Then also with the Heidsee. A popular photo spot in the Lenzerheide holiday region.

Mehr zum Speichersee

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