Cross-country skiing for experts

Inhale. Exhale. Full throttle.

The narrow skis are nothing new for you, and you glide smoothly over the trails. But maybe you still need some fine-tuning or want to try something different. We have a few ideas for you.
Nordic für Könner | Langlaufen in Lenzerheide | ©  Hannah Bichay


One eighty and three sixty are more familiar from other sports, as are jumps and other tricks. Just because you don't know it doesn't mean you can't do it. Forwards, backwards, upside down or high up – can you do a trick? Or have you ever ventured onto the skilift with the narrow slats to whizz down a slope? Everything is possible.

Langlauf Lifestyle by Lenzerheide | © Hannah Bichay


With a solid technique, you'll definitely be able to pack some weight on your back. Take it easy, pack some goodies and have a picnic on the way. Turn the sport into a lifestyle and find different ways to enhance your cross-country experience. Enjoyment. Nature. Lifestyle

Langlauf für Profis in Lenzerheide | © Hannah Bichay

New technique

Are you proficient in both techniques? If not, now is the ideal time to learn the other technique. That way it stays exciting and who knows, maybe you'll fall in love with the sport all over again.

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Your pulse doesn't shoot up as soon as you take your first steps? Then it's time to test your marksmanship. Take up the challenge and experience the fascination of biathlon. The combination of concentration, precision, endurance, and strength is sure to be a lot of fun for you too.

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The right trails for cross-country skiing experts

Take on the most challenging and demanding trails in the Lenzerheide cross-country region. It's worth it because they are not only tough, but also beautiful. The best thing to do is to combine all the trails and ski the entire network in one day – the ultimate Nordic Challenge.

But not yet an expert? No problem.