2 Lake Hike to the Älplisee and the Schwellisee

This hike takes you to 2 of a total of 10 lakes in Arosa. From the Hörnli valley station you reach the Älplisee and afterwards the Schwellisee. At the end you will return to the Hörnli.

The part 10-lake hike leads past two of the lakes. Start and end of the tour is at the Hörnli valley station


The Älplisee is situated at 2,156 m.a.s.l. on the Arosa Älpli, southwest of Innerarosa behind the Älpliriegel. The lake is embedded in the source area of the Plessur, between the Schwellisee, the mountains Erzhorn, Aroser Rothorn as well as Älplihorn. In summer the demanding mountain hiking trails in the direction of Erzhornsattel, Rothorn, Ramozhütte/Welschtobel, Hörnli and to Gredigs Fürggli lead past the lake.


The Schwellisee is situated at 1,933 m.a.s.l. on the Arosa Alp, southwest of Innerarosa on the young Plessur. The stone pine trunks in the lake still bear witness to the extensive stone pine forest that once stretched far above the Schwellisee and was later cleared by the Walsers.


The board for the 10-Lake-Plausch is placed at the outflow of the lake.