4 Lake Hike to the Obersee, both Prätschlakes and the Scheideggseeli

Beautiful mountain lakes and a varied nature await you on this themed hike around the topic of lakes. This hike takes you to 4 of a total of 10 lakes in Arosa.

From the Obersee you start in the direction of Maran, then continue to the lower Prätschsee to Scheideggseeli and at the end to the upper Prätschsee. Afterwards you will return to the village on beautiful paths. This part of the "10-Lake-Fun" passes four of the lakes. At the outflow of each lake you will find a board that provides information about the lake.


The Obersee is situated at 1'739 m.a.s.l. and is the larger of the two lakes in the middle of the development area of Arosa. Numerous waterfowl and reed birds, as well as diving ducks and most European swimming ducks can be found on the Obersee.

Lower Prätschsee

The Lower Prätschsee is situated at 1,910 m.a.s.l., a bit below the Upper Prätschsee and a bit hidden, but accessible via a narrow path.


The Scheideggseeli is located at 2,080 m.a.s.l. in an alpine pasture in the alpine zone at the Scheidegghalde. Wild ducks breed at this lake from time to time, although the secluded water body offers no natural protection for the clutch.

Upper Prätschsee

The Upper Prätschsee is located at 1,987 m.a.s.l., as the name suggests, in the Prätsch area. A fireplace with wood is available for everyone at the lake.