4 Lake Hike to the Untersee, Stausee, Grüenseeli and Alteinsee

Crystal-clear mountain lakes and a unique panorama await you on this themed hike on the subject of lakes. This hike takes you to 4 of a total of 10 lakes in Arosa. 

This part of the "10-Lakes-Fun" leads past four of Arosa's lakes. The entire trail leads over hill and dale and is therefore a little challenging.

From Untersee you set off in the direction of the Isel. There you will also reach the reservoir. If you follow the path, you will then reach the Grüenseeli. On the way back you pass the Alteinsee lake and can marvel at the impressive Altein waterfalls. The circular hike leads you back to the starting point at Untersee. At the outflow of each lake you will find a board that provides information about the lake.



The Untersee is located at 1,691 meters above sea level and is directly connected to the Obersee via the Mittelbach. It is the natural bathing lake of Arosa and has a depth of 17 meters.


The Stausee, sometimes called Iselsee, is located at 1,606 m.a.s.l., just below the village of Arosa.


The Grüenseeli is situated at 1'811 m.a.s.l. surrounded by an idyllic little forest. From the outflow of the Stausee up the road, followed by a narrow hiking trail, the Grüenseeli is reached in about 45 minutes.


The Alteinsee is situated at 2'251 m.a.s.l. on Altein Tiefenberg, an alpine plateau in the Strelakette, south of the Arosa reservoir. Situated between the Alteiner Riegel and the Alteiner Fürggli, an incomparable view of numerous mountains presents itself from the lake.