Actionbound: Walser hike Langwies - Fondei

On this themed trail, yougo on a hike back in time with the Walsers. The Actionbound, which you can easily install as a free app on your mobile phone (german only), accompanies you on this interactive summer hike. 

How it works:

  1. Download the free "Actionbound" (german only)
  2. Search in the app for "Walserwanderung" or scan the QR code in the media gallery 
  3. Off you go! The app accompanies you on the hike and tells you exciting facts about the culture of the Walser people.

The Fondei is a high valley in the farthest reaches of the Schanfigg at 1700 to 2000 metres above sea level. Today, the untouched nature and traditional Walser houses in this idyllic side valley are impressive. But who were the Walsers and what is the history behind the Walser Trail?

Around 1300, the first Walsers found their way to the Fondei. On this themed trail you go on a journey through time and experience the history of the Walsers in an interactive way. With riddles, texts, voice recordings and impressive pictures, you will learn via the app what all happened on this path many many years ago and what story the postman has to tell you.

Don't forget to enjoy nature alongside the exciting informations on the app. The trail is very scenic and promises unique flora and fauna.