The path to the chapels of the community Vaz/Obervaz – Option 3

With the settlement on the west side of Lenzerheide, individual families and religious donated intimate sites of devotion. They stand in places like rocky edges, dangerous stretches, or in remote hamlets to protect them against misfortune and danger. They testify to the gratitude and the interest of the local population.

On the east side of the Lenzerheide holiday region respectively the community Vaz/Obervaz, there are no chapels, because the settlement of the main fractions Lain, Muldain and Zorten ran out and large parts of the forest area belonged to Lantsch / Lenz.

Various hikes lead past the different chapels.


Postauto stop Lain / Obervaz (1,319 m)





Lenzerheide-Lain. In Lain there are several chapels to be visited:

The route goes from the Postauto stop Lain / Obervaz (Laden-Spar) to the mountain huts Creusen (about 1 hour hike). In Creusen is the chapel Antonius. There is also a second chapel with no special name. The return is via the same hiking trail to Lain / Obervaz.

From the Postauto stop Lain / Trantamoira you walk about 15 minutes of the road Voa Nova back in the direction Lenzerheide. Right on the edge of the road is the chapel La creusch dil Laresch. It was inaugurated in the summer of 1991 with a tower and a bell in honor of St. Anthony. Afterwards, it is recommended to return to the Postauto stop Lain / Trantamoira and return to Lenzerheide via Sporz-Crestasweg (about 2 hours) or Kanalweg-Clavadoiras (about 1½ hours).

Or extend the hike to mountain huts Creusen (see point 8 - about 1 ½ hour).

Or from the Postauto stop Lain / Obervaz you hike via Dal to Muldain (about 20 minutes). From the Junkerhaus, the hike takes about 30 minutes to the chapel Nossa Dona via the old Schyn hiking trail. It is one of the oldest buildings on the old Schyn path. On the outskirts of the dangerous Schyn gorge, the shepherds prayed for safety on their way to work. It invites you to a quiet stay before you descend the Schyn gorge (about 3 hours to Scharans) or return to Muldain to return by Postauto to Lenzerheide.