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Sports shops, restaurants, hairdressers and hotels look forward to your visit, as do shops and businesses, restaurants, bars, sports facilities, cultural venues and wellness centres. You can always find the current opening hours and useful information here.

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Info Valbella
open from 08:00
in Valbella

Postplatz-Kiosk Valbella

Bergrestaurant Pradaschier | © AlpinTrend
open from 09:30
in Churwalden

Pradaschier. The Mountain Restaurant.

La Tgoma von aussen | © AlpinTrend
open from 09:00
in Lantsch / Lenz

Restaurant La Tgoma

Hotel Bestzeit Parpan Restaurant
open from 12:00
in Parpan

Restaurant Allegra «Dine & Fine»- Hotel Bestzeit

open from 11:00
in Lenzerheide

Restaurant BuccaFina

Restaurant Capricorn Lenzerheide
open from 07:00
in Valbella

Restaurant Capricorn

Restaurant Crap Naros | © Maiensässhotel Guarda Val
open from 11:30
in Lenzerheide

Restaurant Crap Naros

Heid-Stübli Hotel Lenzerhorn Lenzerheide | © AlpinTrend
open from 17:30
in Lenzerheide

Restaurant Heid-Stuebli

open from 11:30
in Valbella

Restaurant Hotel Waldhaus am See

Restaurant Kuchikästli | © AlpinTrend
open from 11:45
in Lenzerheide

Restaurant Kuchikaestli

La Patata Sommer | © Restaurant La Patata
open from 16:00
in Lenzerheide

Restaurant La Patata

Rhabarber Dessert La Riva | © La Riva
open from 11:45
in Lenzerheide

Restaurant La Riva

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